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96 Civic with a little something different

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  • 96 Civic with a little something different

    This is cool, I didnt realize so many people were into the CarPuter thing.
    Check out my install, feedback is welcome...
    I've had a carputer in for a about 2 years and its undergone many changes over time. I just got rid of my old computer and upgraded to a Sempron 2300+ system.

    The PC is in the trunk and I have a 12.1" screen with a touchscreen overlay
    ( which I've sort of molded into the dash of my Civic.

    Theres a foldable keyboard and a DVD player in the glovebox and the radio has been relocated down below where the cup holders usually are. The heater controls (blower fan) is controlled on the computer through the front-end software which I wrote in Java. The computer is also hooked into the VSS (vehicle speed sensor) so I can have a digital speedometer and miliage display on the screen (still workin the software bugs out of that).

    There are USB ports by the driver kick panel and an ethernet port in the trunk. Also naturally theres a wireless G network adapter on the rear deck.

    I have MS MapPoint for Nav, can play MP3's (with winamp visuals), watch Videos and DVDs, track a maintenance schedule (miliage based), do speed or miliage timers (0-60, 1/4 mile), browse the Inet and some other stuff all through my custom front-end.

    Not sure what else I can say about it right now but Im always adding on.
    Although it may be down for a little while, there is more info on my website:
    I will add an picture later that shows the software (front-end).

    I've attatched some pictures which I uploaded, if they don't show I'll post them in another thread (this is my first post, idonno what the heck Im doin)
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    Good times!

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    Nice install. I have also have a civic coupe 2000 model. how hard was it to move all the controls?


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      Nice set up wow I am very impresed
      Franco A Pacheco
      2000 BMW 740IL
      2009 Toyota Corolla
      1997 Rav 4


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        Originally posted by Dragonlord
        Nice install. I have also have a civic coupe 2000 model. how hard was it to move all the controls?
        It was pretty easy since the only non-electronic control is the hot/cold valve, which i decided (since Im not fussy with temp) was not important so I simply reach down once or twice a year and pull the lever from hot to cold and vice versa. Also I posted the software pic now, fyi
        Good times!