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  • 2002 Accord EX

    Here are some pics and descriptions of my carputer. I am about 95% finished with this project. The only thing I need to do is put an aluminum faceplate on the front of the case. The stock radio is behind the LCD(flipped 90 degrees) and the computer is running into the tape deck. My volume control is on my steering wheel and on the computer screen. I took the buttons off the bottom of the touch screen for a cleaner look.

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    VIA EPIA PD10000 Mini-ITX main board
    512 DDR 266 memory
    250 gig HD
    Lilliput touch screen
    Opus 120 watt power
    NEC 16X DVD writer
    GPS (iguidance software)

    Front End: Moble Impact
    GPS Software: iGuidance 3.0


    DVD Burner
    DVD Burner Enclosed
    DVD Burner and Case

    Lexan with Track
    Sliding Tray
    Track 2
    HD and Power Mounted
    HD and Power Mounted 2

    LCD Back
    LCD Back 2
    LCD 1
    LCD 2

    Fan and USBs
    Case Finished
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    Great job man! The LCD fab job is awesome. It beats me though why you would want a dvd burner in the car.
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      i like your install..... your cd-rom mounting location shows you think outside the box ...literally.....i like that....

      Keep up the good work !!!

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        I agree with the above post...and the fab job looks good. Excellent work.
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          nice one


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            got to give it up to DEXY cause he did the LCD and electrical work.
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              Originally posted by marshallh
              Great job man! The LCD fab job is awesome. It beats me though why you would want a dvd burner in the car.
              Most dvd burners nowadays are just $40-$80, same price as a normal CD/DVD drive.

              Awesome job on the screen and the PC install. Very clean.
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                very nice, from one 6th gen accord owner to another. Any heat issues, i am thinking of moving my carputer to the center console but I am nervous about heat. Are u adding holes on the side, fans, etc.
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                  I added one 3" fan to the front of the console. It is not in the picture because the picture was taken weeks ago. I plan to put 2 fans in back of the console and have them facing out and then changing the front fan to facing in. The 3" fan really does a great job, I don't know if it's even necessary to put in anymore. I drove for about a week in a half with no fan and it got really hot but I never had any issues. Now that the fan is in it has cooled down tremendously. If I drive for hours it won't get hot at all.
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                    Um, has your SRS light lit up yet? I'm asking cause I put my XM tuner in the center console and the SRS light came on shortly afterward. The mechanic (honda master tech) says that the interference screws with the SRS computer. I'm not sure I beleive him, but I'd be interested in what if anything happens in yours.


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                      Yeah it did. I had many other devices hooked up before and I figured it was just time for an oil change. It's probably cause the amount of amps being sucked out of the main power wire is too much and the car computer does not recognize it. Probably need to reprogram the cars computer to allow more output. Is your Satellite radio hooked up off your main power wire or off the battery?
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                        The sat runs off the head units CD changer controls. It doesn't need external power. Are you sure you're looking at the SRS light and not the Check Engine light. Cause if it does infact say SRS, that (unfortunately) has nothing to do with your oil. That's your airbags.

                        I have two fears, 1) They won't go off when I'd like them to. 2) They'll go off sometime before I'd like them to.


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                          Sorry man my SRS light never lit up. I tried resetting my engine light though and it came back on. I check my oil and other engine parts and they seem to be OK. It must be from the electrical mods. I don't care too much as long as nothing is wrong with the car. Also I took the buttons of the VGA off the bottom. Power comes on the VGA on start up, I don't have any other inputs and it looks much cleaner. I plan on taking the infrared light and mounting it so I can use the controller to the VGA.
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                            can't see the pics. please fix the link.


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                              Yeah fix the links so we can see. Wanna see what other 6th gen accord owners have done with their car pcs. I got a 2000 V6 Accord Coupe, finished carpc completely with 7" lilliput touchscreen about two weeks ago when motherboard died after I installed my new amp two days ago. Sucks but got it RMAed from where I bought it from. Ill post some pics of mine when i can get a digital camera.