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2005 350Z install

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  • 2005 350Z install

    This site has been EXTREMEMLY helptful when trying this out. I had no idea a site like this existed until I was told about it at Thanks to everyone for the help and the threads I found lol.

    The PC:

    Processor: 1.8 gig Duron
    HD: 30.7 gig
    RAM: 512MB
    NIC: Linksys Wireless card
    Audio: M-Audio sound Card
    GPS: BU-303
    Screen: 7" Lilliput Touchscreen
    CD-Rom: Slot load laptop DVD Combo

    It uses iGuidence 2.1, WinDVD, PS2, MP3, etc.

    The car:


    Thanks again!

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    let me be the first to say...


    What did you do with the factory sub? |

    Coming soon....
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      wow. I want that car, that set up. congrats.
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        I didn't have one. I just bought the cover so the case fan could pull air out of the cabin and not just circulate hot air. Was $15 shipped from nissan. I didn't get the Bose system because I planned to replace it anyway, so what was the point.


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          Oh my goodness... what can I say... Beautiful car and Beautiful setup... so it's all just Beautiful!!
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            Thanks for the comments guys. It's appreciated. I wish I had some pics after I lowered it lol. The gap between the fender and the tire is now about 1 finger. Looks a lot better. Other than that those pictures are current.


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              Awesome work...

              How did you attached the sides of your case together?
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                The case is just 1/8 plexi on top and bottom and 1/4 plexi on the sides and it is all held together with small metal screws that I got from lowes for about $5 for like 40 lol


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                  It'very very nice. What is your power supplies??


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                    very clean install! looks great.
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                      It is jsut a normal PC power supply. Running through a 400/800 watt inverter to run the PC and the PS2


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                        Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god that car is gorgeous as hell, sweet install too. I want it.
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                          Nice. Makes me wish I had kept the PS2 in the miata.
                          Is this where the witty comment goes?
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                            Your install is sick and sooooo stealth...I love it! Congrats.


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                              Awesome car, awesome work. Good job!!!!!
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