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1988 Honda Civic ghetto carputer

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  • 1988 Honda Civic ghetto carputer

    Here are some pictures of my carputer.

    Picture of the car

    Picture of everything working. Case is mounted to the side of the passengers carriage.

    Removing the face place to prep for 1 Dinn hosing and CD-Player. The stock equilizer was removed and I did some sanding to make the 1 Dinn VGA fit.

    Picture of the VGA screen mounted

    Picture of the computer system. Motherboard is an LV-602, Power supply is ITPS and 60W morex because it was cheap.

    Front of the case with slot load DVD.

    Mounting bracket and computer

    Mounting the computer to the side of the passanger carriage

    Running 8 gauge wire directly from the battery because the electics in my car suck. When I checked the voltage at the stereo with the car running it was only 12.1 while the battery was 13.2. The ITPS likes the higher voltage so running a wire eas the easiest solution.

    Hooking up the CD Player

    Running ESX Manager as my front end.

    Tell me what you think of the install

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    I like it, pure function.

    If it wasn't for the computer showing, you could just toss a sweatchirt over the screen and no one would give that car a second look if they where planning on stealing stuff.


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      Pretty cool! Ghetto, but not TOO ghetto, so it's cool.
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