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2005 Mazda 3 GT CarPC

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  • 2005 Mazda 3 GT CarPC

    Just finished my install and it is working great. I still have some things i would like to clean up... but for the most part she is done.

    Here is a shot of it at night.

    I have posted more pictures and info on my site:
    2005 Mazda 3 GT - CarPC Project


    My 2005 Mazda 3 CarPC Project

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    Very nice install! 2 Questions though...

    1) How'd you get the HU front panel PCB to stay on? Mine is taped because the connectors from the HU to the front panel have no holding force.

    2) How is the stock LCD mounted? This was going to be the next step for me. I have a very similar install except Im using a laptop and I havent extended the LCD wires yet.
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      nice work. the blue is a nice contrast but I'd love to see it with a skin that matches the colors of the car gauges.


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        Thanks stapan... and yes I agree. The skin I am using is the default for UbiquityV, and since this software is still in beta, there are no other skins available at this time. I do intend on modifying this skin to so that it matches the Mazda's guages as well as providing a more contrast for those bright summer days.

        My 2005 Mazda 3 CarPC Project


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          thanks rsd212...

          1) The front panel stays on all by itself using those black connectors, although that is not an ideal solution. I intend on coming up with a cover for the glove box, and perhaps then I will have a solution to hold the front on. I will keep you posted...

          2) I just went to home depot and bought a length of aluminum which is about 1 inch tall and 1/8 of an inch thick. Aluminum is a soft metal, and is easy to cut and drill. I can't remember the exact lenght i cut it to, but it is about 8.5 inches. I drilled 2 screw holes which line up with the holes which were used by the stock deck and filed down one corner of the so that it fit. Finally,I drilled one hole in the center and bolt it to the mounting bracket on the xenarc. (i just filed down a bolt until it fit).

          There is a modification i want to make here though. I intend on bending the aluminum bar so that the screen faces up a little more. From a natural seating position in the driver's seat, the Viewing Angle is a little sharp.

          Here is a lousy picture, but it will help you get the idea. There is also a top view of the installed bracket at my site.
          Xenarc Mounting Bracket
          Xenarc Mounting Bracket - Top View

          Hope that helped.

          My 2005 Mazda 3 CarPC Project