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    Just got all of the parts ready for the install. Have currently a | 1.0 Ghz Mini-Itx Via MB | 256 Mb Ram | Seagate Barracuda 160 GB | MSI TV\Radio Card | Custom Plexi Case | 700TS - 7" USB Touch Screen LCD Monitor | 77 Keyboard | The Screen will be at my house on the 23 of aug. Plan to use it for Mp3,Movies,Gps,ODBII,Wireless,Anything else. Will Edit post to make it have the final and everything on it. Encluding on how I pulled it off.
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    '00 VW golf TDI upped to 130 HP - 18" RS 6 wheels - liliput 7" tft in indash housing - epia 10K - SB audigy - caliber 1 fahrad CAP - RF punch amp - hollywood 1.6K mono amp - boston acoustics pro - RF 10" DVD sub