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2001 Chevy Lumina

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  • 2001 Chevy Lumina

    Hello all,
    I'm new to the Car moding community though i've been installing computers into my car for several years now.
    My latest creation is installing a miniture system into my 2001 chevy lumina.
    System Specs:
    1ghz ITX motherboard
    DVD Laptop reader
    512mbs ram
    40gb laptop hard drive
    PCI desktop wifi card with external trunk mounted antenna
    Wireless Keyboard tucked neatly into door panel
    Head mounted Touchscreen 7" Xenarc monitor
    MS wireless mouse for backup.
    and a Trunk mounted power converter.
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    That is a very interesting choice for monitor placement. Looks good overall...what are the other antennas for?
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      The large white antenna is an 8dBi 2.4ghz antenna (picked up over at <a href=>Hyperlink Tech</a>
      The other silver antenna is a standard CB whip antenna.

      The monitor was positioned out of need. The montior was to small for me to see down on the console... so i moved it up which also took care of alot of glar. I've just got to get a longer VGA cable and i can hide the cable along the trim work.
      I've also gotten permission from the local police department to position the monitor there... their only requirements to me was it couldn't block any of the mirrors.


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        Nice startrek like skin on your display.
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          The Startrek Skin is actually a fully functional LCARS interface i've been writing over at
          I've just released the first [beta] version of the newest version v2005.