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1996 Altima Install

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  • 1996 Altima Install

    I put this in fabrication by accident, but I guess this thread belongs here

    My car

    Made a wooden frame which went where the radio used to be, to hold cig lighter and hold screen in place.
    There is a slight angle between the bottom part w/ the cig lighter, and the screen frame

    Put fiberglass over the wood
    then slapped bondo over it and sanded that down to smooth flat.
    Many days of reapplying bondo and resanding.. and spraypainting, resanding..

    Oh btw its a 8" touchscreen from ebay

    Right now im only using windowx XP with winamp open and media library to select through my thousands of mp3s

    Plan to eventualy write my own custom interface, this works for the time being. The annoyance of trying to touch the small text in the right place on the screen will motivate me to get going w/ the code..

    laptop computer under the seat, still a few wires that I need to hide..

    extra mouse just in case.. and usb hub...

    111 wattx x 4 channels for interior speakers.. no subs "yet"
    and pxa-h510 processor. Optical line from the sound card, in 5.1 surround

    First few days I had a problem where the touchscreen would stop responding after a few minutes.. I would have to reach around and replug the usb into the laptop. I updated the drivers, and didn't work. I eventualy solved it by putting a usb hub between the connection, and problem has been solved.. Anyone else deal with this? sounds like a power issue, but Im not sure.

    Now im having a problem where the DC - DC adapter can't charge the LAPTOP battery without overheating, so I have to make extra sure the laptop shuts off when the car does, since somtimes windows "forgets" that it's supposed to go into hibernation after 2 mins of being on battery. Anyone else have this problem?

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    nice install
    Plan for project = 100%
    Part the project. = 100%
    Built...................= 99%
    Finish.................= 99%
    Install ...............= 99% -50%
    Ditail at


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      thanks.. yea my freaken dc-dc adapter blew up, and melted the power wires.. Need a fuse next time, and a non-oem adapter. Lesson learned...