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2004 Toyota Prado

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  • 2004 Toyota Prado

    Began the project a couple of weeks ago after seeing Stevieg's setup in a CNET review. Did lots of research prior to buying any components and must say this forum has helped immensely.

    Via SP1300 with 1 GB ram, 80 GB 2.5 Fujitsu HDD, Slot load Pioneer DVD Writer, Morex Mini ProCase, Opus 150W PSU, Belkin USB Wifi thingy, USB Bluetooth thingy, Powered USB Hub, Microsoft Cordless Optical mouse, Alpine 360W Amp and Xenarc 700TSV Touch screen.

    Got slugged duty and a processing fee from UPS when I bought the LCD and PSU from so just take this into consideration when buying. Cost me around AU$1000 for the LCD and PSU. So far I have spent around AU$3000 and still need to buy a small keyboard, FM moduleof some sort and USB TV. Was going to buy Co-Pilot for my carputer but have it on my imate... And must say I am rather disappointed with viewing my Xenarc during the day. Took it for its first test drive today and could hardly see anything on the screen. Now have very expensive night time viewing screen :-)

    Also have an imate Jam connected via USB which syncs and charges using the same cable.

    XP Home, Road Runner Front END

    To the pics...

    Note the little Aircon vents behind the amp. very convenient! They are under both seats. I am going to see if I can channel this into the PC case somehow,

    Built and tested the PC last week and put altogether yesterday. I bought another radio surround from Toyota $130 so i could easily out the car back to stock. The fitting of the LCD was easier than I thought it would be. Removed the standard dual din radio and fitted the screen with some ingenious brackets, cable ties etc. There was only a gap at either side to fill, cut two thin strips of plastic that I found (My wifes VHS case from one of her exercise vids) which matched extremely well. Hot glued these in place and the rest was easy. Still have to find a spot for the infrared wire which is still floating behind the dash.

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    very nice. i used to have a 1998 prado. loved it. post some more picture of the car. and some specs.


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      Careful hooked the ac vent right to the pc. The vents under my seats also put out heat. The ac sometimes gets little bits of moisture accumulation,which would be really bad for a pc.
      -Drew Taylor
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        Does'nt get cold enough during winter in Queensland to use the heater. But I did wonder about moisture. Still have to velcro the units to the carpet to stop them sliding around. Also not really happy with the Opus being so close to the PC case. I wish they had longer cables on them. It made it really difficult to fit nicely under the seat.


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          Post pictures of the car.


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            You can find all the pics here

            Vehicle specs here

            Do they sell this 4X4 (SUV) in the US?


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              Originally posted by craigt
              You can find all the pics here

              Vehicle specs here

              Do they sell this 4X4 (SUV) in the US?
              Well, we get the 4runner here. Its not a wagon though

              Nice install
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