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1999 Audi A3 Giga mp3 install

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  • 1999 Audi A3 Giga mp3 install

    Hello! I don't have a car pc installed, but I use a JVD KD-DV 6101 Giga mp3 dvd headunit with Jaga 7"TFT, for watching and playing music and video files. The LCD is not molded in the dashbord yet, but I'm looking for possible options to do so, please advise. As for the sound, I am using Alpine V-12 MRV-T 757 amp running Alpine Type-R 12 SUB, front system is Rainbow SLC 230 component system with 25mm Silk dome tweeters run by DLS CA 23 amp.Tweeters are custom molded in poliester. I decided to post some pics of the car.Please comment. The car is a 99 Audi A3 1.6 Ambiente.
    Anyway here are the pics:
    The car before:

    The car now:


    Night view:

    The back:

    and with amp covers(for luggage):

    Well that's all folks

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    damn, i like the car at least


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      How is the LCD mounted?

      Do you have additional pictures of how the LCD is mounted? It sits in front of the vents right?


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        Originally posted by banal
        Do you have additional pictures of how the LCD is mounted? It sits in front of the vents right?
        Sorry I have no additional pics of LCD mount. I made a metal L profile and fixed it into the dash with four screws. I am planing to mold the lcd into the dash, so that is just a temporary solution, but the lcd is still fully removable.

        edit: I found the wanted picture:


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          very clean


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            Wish I hadnt sold my A3 in brazil

            Awesome car altho I dont really like the color, nor your rear-lights...

            and get a real CarPC, you wont regret it!

            2005 Range Rover 4.4
            Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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              nice car and a nice install !


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                Thank you all for your opinions , the next mission will be inserting the lcd in dashboard, although I don't really know how and where to put it. As for carpc, I know it's better than just dvd radio, but for know I am really happy with my setup. Cheers


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                  RoyN maybe You like these lights better(my previous lights , but I got rid of them because they are a bit ricy)

                  or original ones:

                  or the slightly changed original:


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                    Well, there is no more DLS in the back, cause I got a second Alpine V-12 at a bargain, and I think it fits much better in the whole picture( sorry for gsm quality pic).