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Finally Done!!! 15" T/S LCD on an Escalade EXT

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  • Finally Done!!! 15" T/S LCD on an Escalade EXT

    Finally Im done. After 5 months of work. Here is what it has:

    Media Engine:
    15" Touchscreen LCD
    Pentium 4 2.0 processor
    512mb RAM
    40Gb HDD
    CD/DVD player
    EVGA video card
    3 Performance Teknique 7" LCD's
    Garmin USB GPS antenna
    nRoute Navigation Software
    Linksys Wirless G adapter
    300w Power inverter
    250W power supply
    Mini Keyboard (in the Visor)


    6 Crocodile skins
    Black Leather
    28 Yards of Suede
    Black Carpet


    4 Rockford Fosgate Compnent Sets
    4 15" T115D2 Subwoofers
    1 T20001bd RF Titanium Series Amp
    1 T8002bd RF Titanium Series Amp
    1 T3002bd RF Titanium Series Amp
    2 4.5" Coax Sets
    1 100 Farad RF Capacitor
    2 Optima yellow top batteries
    1 Stinger 200A Relay
    1 Kenwood Digital EQ

    What do you guys think for my first project?

    King Louie

    P.S. I have to take some more pictures of the bed. The ones that I took came out too dark.
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      28 Yards of Suede !

      I would have had black leather, but thats my vice.........
      Lez, more widely known as flez1966


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        looks nice BTW
        Lez, more widely known as flez1966


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          Really, really nice setup!

          I have the same exact keyboard as you do (bought it at Fry's for $15), but there's no way I could fit it in the Visor like you did...
          Why is half your dash (to the right of the 15") black? I mean, wouldn't it look better in all suede on top and all black on the bottom (like you have it under the steering wheel)?
          Is your second Yellow Top Optima battery also mounted under the hood, or did you relocate it elsewhere?
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            Very nice install. Really like the keyboard on the visor, that is original. Seems like a nice board and CPU but why such a small Hard Drive? I'm running out of room with my 250GB. My friend has a 500GB and that may last a couple years before he has to upgrade.
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              Thats one BIG lcd. I love it!


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                One word "Sweet", that is the best install I have ever seen bar none!


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                  The colors, I was against that combo since the beggining but the owner wanted them that color. I would of gone with the mocha color and a bone color instead of black but he didnt listen. He is going to get black 26" wheels to compliment the interior. The keyboard I got it at Fry's too about 2 weeks ago. The hard drive isnt that big because the owner didnt want to waste the money. But he will learn real quick about his mistake. The 2 batteries are in the bed. The truck has a total of 3 batteries, 1 stock in the hood and two in the bed.

                  Thanks allot for the good feedback guys!!! It means allot. I will take more pictures tomorrow and post them.

                  King Louie.

                  P.S. Rockford Fosgate dubbed me King Louie after this install.


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                    Very nice install. I really like the suede look. How hard was it to relocate your ac controls. I am looking at moving mine in my expedition. Again great job.

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                      Its not hard. Just make sure you cut each wire and extend it one by one. Do not cut more than one wire at a time.


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                        Thats what I was thinking, but I looked at the back of mine when I was pulling out my radio and I looked almost like there were a few vacume lines running to it. I am going to pull it out this weekend and take a good look. Sorry not trying to highjack your thread here. Again sweet job on the install.

                        EPIA MII 1200, M1-ATX PSU, 1GB PC2100, 80 gig Hitachi HD, Pioneer DVD-RW, Delorme GPS, Lilliput 8"


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                          Love it!

                          How hard is suede to work with? Any tips? I want to recover my headliner, pillars, armrest, and eventually my entire hatch.


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                            Any pics of the sound system or PC guts?
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                              what kind of adhesive did you use for the suede? I want revcover my interior with Alcantara (synthetic suede).