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    Hello all,
    This is my first attempt at a carpc....In fact my FIRST attempt at making an enclosure...I must say it came out great !
    Ill be showing the work in progress and welcome any advice if any is please feel free..
    The first part is the construction of the sub box, amp and computer housing.
    I wish the enclosure was my idea but I have to give credit to for the prints.
    I will make my own modifications but this enclosure is exactly what i was wanting....thanks HOSS.......
    Im not sure whether to carpet or apply LineX to it...Ill make my decision this week sometime...before all my parts come in.

    The amps are.. "OLD SCHOOL" PPI POWER CLASS AMPS..My opinion..the best in their series. I cant bring myself to give them up.
    A PC2150 for the subs and a PC450 for the front and rear.
    I wanted the PPI flat piston PRO12 subs but i cant seem to find them at a reasonable price , who knows maybe ill find them soon enough but in the meantime i will be going with the same subs as HOSS..
    PIONEER PREMIER TS-SW124D...,00.html

    Oh, BTW the M/B is for example purposes only.....

    Enjoy the pictures and the work in progress, Ill keep updating.....

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    Always nice to see another Nole fan on the forums...keep up the good work!
    2005 Black Chevy Impala
    Current Status: Installed in Vehicle/Testing 75%


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      one question. Wouldn't some nice plexyglass be a much better suited cover for the whole setup? Only a suggestion. Nice layout so far... Cheers.

      PS: Post 1700. Yayy!


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        he's probably going for a stock look and is covering it all in carpet.


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          than some windows on it. I'd do it that way. But just a suggestion

          Nice job so far...


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            well then you can actualy use the trunk. or else you'd be afraid of scratching up the plexi.


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              IMO he's doing a great job.


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                looks good, where can i buy the carpet used in cars? or specificly in mercedes benz?


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                  Thanks all you guys !!!!
                  I was going to go with the window idea but im in construction and carry my tools with me in the rear, so yeah the plexi would get all scratched up.Ill probably make a set of extra doors with windows for show but the ones i have on here now will have to do due to my job.
                  Where all the components are, there will be cross-flow fans to draw in cool air and extract the hot air.
                  I have third row a/c in my Expedition and where the cross-flow fans will be located they will draw in the COLD air to all the components.
                  All the components when done will look like they are floating.
                  The purpose of this is to run all the wiring clean.
                  Ill be using a 800 watt inverter which i already have installed for power.
                  Since this is my first attempt at a carpc im going to be using my trusty GIGA-BYTE.... m/b with a
                  AMD XP 3200.
                  512 ram
                  350 hdd

                  Ill be upgrading to a smaller ITX unit in the future.IM just doing this to see if i can do it, but it doesnt seem to be that hard.

                  Total cost for enclosure supplies...
                  $35.00 for 2 sheets of 3/4 MDF
                  $6.00 for the hinges
                  $5.00 for the screws
                  All the rest i had already.....

                  Can you believe that I took the plans for the enclosure to a local car audio shop and asked how much it would cost to build .....and he came back with somewhere around $300-$400......THATS INSANE...
                  He said it would take like 3 days to dimension and build....
                  Ive NEVER built something like this and it took me 4 hours....
                  I guess it pays to do it yourself...

                  Thanks again for all your comments......


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                    cool. really like the project. I wanted to do yhe same thing. Route a slim plastic pipe from an ac vent to the pc's in fan, but never got to it. but that's the best idea to keep things cool...

                    Keep up the good work.



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                      new update 10/10/2005

                      Here is a preview of all the components in their respective places, but theres alot more prepping to do still. Like ventilation fans, carpet or LineX, gas struts for the doors, subs, etc, etc.
                      All the components will be mounted so they sit off the MDF.
                      All wiring will be run under the enclosure.
                      For instance, the power supply harness will have to be extended then run under the power supply through the hole cut out right under but in the middle of the P/S, then under the enclosure then back up through a hole under the motherboard. If my idea goes well this should give a clean wiring setup..
                      This goes for all the components.
                      The inverter I know isnt the best but its what i have for now. Being on a budget....Well you all know...
                      I still even have use of the back area......Loss of depth space....6"...not to shabby...


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                        you should build doors within the other doors to hold tool cases(like a drill box, or dremel) because your wasting a lot of space with the amps. To vent the amp's and make storage under there would make a lot of sense.


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                          I agree with wasting space. The enclosure could be half that size and be just as good. OVER HEATING is going to be a BIG issue bc air trying to move bw the big box isnt going to work. Your gonna need a house fan to move air. The computer doesnt need to be so spaced out either. Just put it all in the on loc where u have the comp now. Looks good though. Keep up the good work.


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                            Looks very nice and precise. However, I'm going to have to agree with the wasted space issue. You could fit both amps in on one side of the amp enclosure. Your computer could be in the box with the motherboard. Heat, as already mentioned, would be an issue.

                            Instead of tearing it all up, may I recommend installing around 3 4" fans on the left side of the front-left compartment (the side with the motherboard and hopefully the harddrive). Drill a vent between the computer compartment and the amps. Then add fans to the back-right edge (next to the amps).

                            I would have the fans near the motherboard blow in, and the fans next to the amps exhaust. Just a suggestion, I can see heat being a major issue.


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                              Thanks guys,
                              Heat was a thought but i think i have that issue under control with a few of these placed in the right spots......
                              These cross flow fans move ALOT of air.
                              Ill have a few blowing in by the rear A/C vent ( Yes, I do have air conditioning way back there...3 row air is awesome ) and blowing out on the other side or ..i dunno....maybe go water-cooled ? Havent seen that done yet ....hmmmmmmmm....