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  • Toyota Avensis install

    ##Update in post 20!!##

    Hi everybody.

    I received my new company car about 10 day's ago.
    The following pictures will show how I everything went during the install.
    I had the system set up in my old car, but a little bit more ghetto.
    This now is still not very OEM like, and there's also some work left to do but I think it does not look to bad! I was also not able to cut and drill to much because the car will be sold by the company in about 3 years. So accutaly I was able to fit everything in without doing damage to anything originaly belonging to the car...

    everything is opened up...

    this is where the PC is placed (Epia M1000 WinXP 512MB Ram M1ATX)

    another shot of the opned up console

    and one of the parts that originaly belong there...

    This is how I mounted my 7" Lilliput

    I had to remove the Display for the Boardcomputer..

    The car from the outside

    And a shot of frodoplayer running

    Thanks goes out to all the big shot's in this forum, this would not have been done without your help!!! cheers!!

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    how did ur power ur mobo and monitor?

    btw very good looking yet simple install gj


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      wow, the car looks like an A4! never seen it.... looks pretty nice!

      how did you do the audio?

      2005 Range Rover 4.4
      Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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        I'm probably going to get yelled at for this one but why does your(apears to be) lilliput have a "" emblem?


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          nvm, they put there name of everything they sell. how stingy!


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            Thank's everybody for you opinions.

            Kiriller: I use the regulated 12V from the M1ATX to power the screen. makes sure I don't have anyproblems with unstable voltage there. This is integrated in the computer case and powers the mobo as well of course.

            RoyN: The audio is for now done by a hardwired FM modulator which works pretty well!
            I have a hidden switch that turns off the power to the modulator and the pc if I want to listen to FM only and don't want the pc to power on.


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              looks alright considering a company car mate. not bad at all. You could almays fabricatie some kinf od hood/shroud/pod for the lilliput then it would be sweet with that nice high screen. Do you ahve stock navi? jus tlooking at those buttons below. It's a shame they dont contorl your carPc.


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                Sweet ride! The Avensis is a very good car. The install looks really good too.
                What did you do with the onboard computer display?
                Do you have any noise problems in the sound? From what I see you've used the original cables...

                Originally posted by Scouse Monkey
                Do you ahve stock navi? jus tlooking at those buttons below. It's a shame they dont contorl your carPc.

                I don't think they do anything anymore since he removed the onboard computer display. Perhaps he relocated it somewhere else. I find that onboard computer very helpfull.
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                  What does that Onboard computer do?

                  Can we have a shot of the finished product from the front?

                  2005 Range Rover 4.4
                  Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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                    Yeah, I wanted to fabricate some kind of housing first, but when I saw that it look pretty alright like this and is also pretty usable, I got to lazy

                    Yes, the button are for the stock navigation if you order it. In my case you were able to control the car information display (range/gas milage/avg. speed/ and so on) I decided I don't really need that because I don't have to pay for the fuel anyway...

                    I don't really have issues with the sound, it's just that the sound quality with an fm modulator is not always the best, there is some guy on the forum who is constructing some OEM stereo adaptor post
                    that I'm going to order as soon as it's done...

                    @RoyN What do you mean by a pic from the front?


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                      Great great! Ive been reading mp3car for six months now and waited to see some Avensis installations!

                      So, I have Avensis too and Im also having a carputer installation going on (for that 6 months already) right now. I have the same screen and Im pondering different solutions to mount it... Your idea looks great, but I really want to keep the onboard computer...

                      However, its really nice to see another Avensis owner on this forum!


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                        Hey, good to have you here.
                        What kind of engine do you have? Unfortunately I only have the 1.8
                        What where you thinking about to do with the screen?
                        Good luck


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                          Sweetiest thing would be to ditch the head unit, get a replacement from Toyota, and start the screen fabrication from there. It would be also really confortable, as in the Avensis you sit in a lower position, and viewing and reaching the screen from the driver's position would be ideal.
                          Btw Iam, aren't you having a little difficulty reaching the screen?
                          Renault Megane...the OEM look

                          The Lost in Europe Ford Escort


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                            thars cos you are a shorts arse cris!

                            iam, any pics from further back so i can see what it looks like overall?


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                              I have the 2.0 VVT-I with manual transmission. Im quite satisfied with it.

                              For now Im thinking to mount the screen in front of centre ventilation openings with some kind of detachable stand...

                              I agree with Cris that the sweetest way to do it would be to rebuild the centre console (If i understood right ) but maybe Im too lazy for that