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Heres my 98 GP GT

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  • Heres my 98 GP GT

    Carputer=XP box,RR,Ampie case,SP1300,512ddr low pro,60 GB,M1 ATX,Xenarc 7" TS

    Stereo=1000 watts total power,2 amps,600 watts inside 4 spks,400 watts 2 subs,custom steel tubes with RF 10" dual coils

    Custom 20" Akuza Street Concepts Creepin with Falkens

    This is my first install, quite simple and user friendly. Tell me what you think though
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    i'm a bit confused on your screen placement, is it only so the people in the back seat can use it or can you see it too? I'm just curious because it looks like it's behind the shifter.

    how do the steel tubes sound? i never heard of doing that before, very interesting though, did you have to sound deaden them at all?

    oh and i have to on this:
    Originally posted by squeegeez
    Creepin with Falkens

    how do you like it now that it's done? would you go back? do anything different?
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    Phaze TD1500 ~> Seas g18rnx/p
    Zapco Ref 500.1 ~ 12" tc-9
    Behringer DCX2496 ~ Envision Electronics psu
    Transflective Xenarc

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      Yes, behind the shifter and in front of my armrest. I considered the screen placement for the driver. Control at my fingertip. It actually sits quite nicely for my control and viewing. I'm planning on adding more screens later for passengers.

      The sub enclosures are 3/16" thick spiral rolled flat plate into a cylinder then welded. Ported with 3" pipe. These tubes meet Rockford Fosgate specs for a cylindrical ported application for these 10". No problems with resonance and great sensitivity. No other tubes compare so far.

      And there is always room for upgrade and improvement with any application. Money pretty much chooses what happens next. But, I like it.


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        what offset are those wheels? I got a grand prix and was just curious...Looks like 35 mm
        97 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
        P4 2.4
        Freetech MoBo
        DSATX 220W
        512 MB ram
        200 GB Maxtor harddrive
        Road Runner
        Iguidance 2.1
        EZSync 1.94


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          That looks pretty good! You might want to post a pic of the whole dash so we can see the screen placement better.
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            Those are some shiny wheels!
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