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'88 Dropped Mini Xbox installation in progress..

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  • '88 Dropped Mini Xbox installation in progress..

    I'm currently working on an xbox installation...

    This is the layout.

    Updates: I made an external power switch for the xbox using a mini momentary button switch. I wired a two prong harness connector onto the xbox and made a custom switch cable with the other half on the harness.

    The button switch is mounted between the two controller ports I have in the dash. Refer to the link above to see the ports.

    I just have to wait for my components to arrive and then I can finish the installation.

    I can't wait.....

    I will also update pictures soon, need new batteries for the digital camera.
    '88 Dropped Mini

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    Cool , keep us updated , I love xbox's.

    Wrong forum section btw. Mods will move when they will see


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      Hello Moderator...

      Please move this to the worklogs sections.... Thanks!
      '88 Dropped Mini


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        Well my CD-RB20 came in today.

        That's my RCA-> IP Bus adapter with passthough.

        I needed this so I could hook up my Xbox and still have a port available for my XM digital adapter.

        So what I did what write down the number of button presses I needed to get into XBMC and to my Urban audio folder. I don't have my LCD yet so I had to use this method, ha ha.

        The sound quality is really good and the remote control setup is so easy to use.

        Now I'm just waiting for the Xbox mobo to arrive for the broken Xbox I bought for really cheap.

        It will be going into the van and running XBMC as the dashboard, basically the OS period.

        I will post more pics after the LCD is installed.
        '88 Dropped Mini


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          The project is almost 95% done.

          Here is the test fitting of the LCD.

          '88 Dropped Mini


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            Well it's been a bit of a journey since Dec 2005.

            My sub kept loosing tinsel leads and my engine dropped out shortly after xmas.


            I finished the engine swap as of Monday this week with assistance from friends. I bought a new Bazooka 12" sub on Tuesday because my Infinity sub died that day.

            I upgraded my xbox hardrive on boxing day. I tossed in a 250gb so now I have lots of space for various media.

            Everything else in the install has been working great and I am happy with the end result!

            I still have a slight noise issue to correct regarding the xbox A/V cable but that is a minor problem for now.
            '88 Dropped Mini


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              hey bro did u ever figure out the problem cuz mine is doing the exact same thing and ive tryed the g.l. isolator which doesnt work for me either


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                Actually no I didn't but I do know it's not the xbox. I did a quick test the other day.

                When I unplug my xbox I get a really loud buzz and when I connect the xbox it dimishes a little. When I power on the xbox the buzz is really low.

                So I'm thinking it's the AV cables causing the ground loop because when I unplug it from the aux input the buzz is completely gone.

                I hooked up my Shuttle PC's soundcard to the same input and it's clean, no buzz.

                I'll try my spare high quality AV cable and see what happens.

                NOTE: It's not an alternator whine either because it doesn't change in pitch when I'm driving.

                But I'm 100% it's the AV cable not the xbox now.
                '88 Dropped Mini


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                  ground the motherboard

                  I Grounded The Motherboard Right Where U Screw It In And Works Fine Do That


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                    Note: I just get the buzzing when the AV cables are plugged in without the xbox connected.

                    I still haven't tried the high end cable I have.

                    Now to clarify, you grounded the metal shielding in the xbox or the posts where the motherboard screws down?
                    '88 Dropped Mini