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2003 Toyota Corolla finished

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  • 2003 Toyota Corolla finished

    Hi all!
    That's my project, finished last week.

    Hardware I used:
    Mobo: Epia M10000
    PSU: M1-ATX
    HDD: 2.5" Hitachi 12GB which is gonna be replaced soon
    RAM 512MB
    Soundcard: Trust 7.1
    Slim DVD from a destroyed Compaq laptop (that's where the HDD is from)
    Touchscreen 700TSV
    USB GPS Holux
    Bluetooth Level1
    Haupauge WinTV USB

    I used a small 4-ch amp for sound and a custom case for my pc.
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    and some more pics...
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      Wow that is the nicest screen install I have seen yet in a Corolla! Fantastic job.
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        nice car. good job.


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          Good looking install. One thing I might worry about is the foamy stuff you have your cable wrapped in. That stuff is just conductive enough to short out your electrical equipment if not checked properly.


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            oh yeah. get that **** off your motherboard!


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              Thanks guys!
              Ok, I removed that thing. It was just protecting the soundcard from the top of the case.


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                screen framing?

                hjow did you build or where did you buy the screen framing if I may?



                Amazing job!


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                  that looks great
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                    Riscy: I actually went to a store where install car sound systems and told them what I wanted to do. The guy that made the built took the front frame of the monitor and attached it where the radio was before, between the air ducts.
                    Then he covered the gaps with polyester (reinforced), some primer and sprayed it in mat black.


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                      Still great!

                      Well...that doesnt help ME much...but it still looks great! =)


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                        NickL Congratulations! How did the monitor job cost? and which is that store in salonica?
                        That is the best place to place a monitor to a corolla, but you lose the trip computer...

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                          screens crooked. nor center. but still very nice clean job

                          ....but that would annoy the **** out of me.


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                            It cost me about 100 Euros. The store is called "Cabrio sound alarm" [Greek_on]Einai Kwnstantinoupolews konta sto Ippokrateio, vasika aftoi pernane ixosystimata kai synagermous alla synergazontai kai me ena palikari pou ftiaxnei polyesterikes [Greek_off]

                            Where's the screen crooked? I didn't notice that.
                            And yes I know it's not centered in regard to the rest of the dashboard, but that's because of the air ducts that they were not centered from factory. Not my fault


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                              im a n00b, are the two interface pics the same frontend?
                              carputer - done.