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2005 Mustang Coupe V6 Install

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  • 2005 Mustang Coupe V6 Install

    Current Setup:
    iBase MB896
    Intel Pentium M 1.6
    512 MB DDR2 RAM
    80 GB 2.5” HD
    7” Lilliput Touchscreen
    Mechatroniks Custom DIY LCD Dash Kit
    Opus 150 Watt DC-DC Smart PSU
    Phoenix Gold Octane-R 5.1 Mobile Theater AMP
    Windows XP running Centrafuse
    Stock Speakers (currently)
    USB Creative Labs Live! External
    USB RadioXtreme for FM tuning
    BU-353 Waterproof GPS Receiver

    Future Plans:
    Wireless NIC with external antennae
    External slimline slot loading DVD-RW
    Replace stock speakers
    Reverse Camera

    I have yet to do anything to the car that is not reversible.

    Updated picture of my car.

    View of the dash, Carputer off.

    View of the LCD from driver's angle, Carputer off.

    View of the LCD from driver's angle, Carputer on.

    View of the Road Runner frontend, Main menu.

    View of the Road Runner frontend, Music menu.

    View of the GPS software embedded with Road Runner.

    View of the AMP underneath the passenger seat. (Wiring still needs cleanup and amp needs secured.)

    View of the Windows Desktop, no frontend running.
    Here's my setup, check it out.

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    Noob here,

    Nice Stang and nice install. Got any pics of the install on the dash? I browsed the Mechatroniks site but the more pics the better. Oh and where did you install the carputer? Behind the monitor or in the trunk?
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      Yeah, the carputer is installed in the Mechatroniks kit. I forgot to take pictures of it before the install. I am in need of tweaking the OS outside of the car, so I will get some pictures taken while it is out.
      Here's my setup, check it out.


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        Gotcha, is that outer plastic piece of the bezel part of the kit or did you get that seperate? And the metal piece matches the IUP really well.
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        2006 Tungsten Grey GT | Dark Charcoal Leather | 18" Fanblades | Spoiler Delete
        C&L Intake | Bullitt Mufflers | MGW Short-throw Shifter | MGW Interior Pieces


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          The plastic piece is actually the dash kit made by Metra that can be had at just about any car audio store or website. It is used to adapt the stock space to allow the use of a single or double-din headunit.
          Here's my setup, check it out.


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            Carputer outside of car on my desk.

            Top down view of the Carputer from the back of the chasis.

            Forward view of chasis.

            Inside view of the chasis from the back.
            Here's my setup, check it out.


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              wow- Now that's tight - literally.
              I like the car but I think I like how you have the HDD hangin' by the zip-ties even better!!
              VER. 3.0- Check out below:
              車コンピュータ 3.0


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                It is a nice dampening upgrade instead of just cramming it in some where that it would take the bumps from our roads.
                Here's my setup, check it out.


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                  That is one sweet install and is exactly the pictures and information I needed before tackling my 2005 V6 Mustang convert. I haven’t done a carputer yet but I am going to now!

                  Hope you can give me a hand and answer a few questions I have about your install.

                  Did you have the shaker 500/1000 in there (if so are you using those subs?)? You put a nice amp in there but did you hook up the amp to a sound card/adapter or straight to the computer inboard sound? How do the stock speakers sound?

                  Is the mechatroniks with the computer inside attached only to the metra which is attached to the car or are there other mounting points that are needed?

                  How does the mechatroniks fit in the car? Were there any mods required to get it to fit?

                  I’d really appreciate if you have time to answer my questions! Your car is awesome!!!!

                  Here is my before (current) picture. I am sure it looks extra boring to you now!

                  Thanks for sharing your install!


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                    Here is a list of all the parts and pieces that I bought or had to get everything working, including prices and places. I will answer all of questions, I just don't have a lot of time tonight. I will try to get them answered tomorrow.
                    Attached Files
                    Here's my setup, check it out.


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                      Very clean install! Great job!


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                        Nice Install, I like how you use the external cover over the Mechanik's bezel.


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                          I updated my document with new parts that I just ordered today. I am still trying to find time to answer your questions, kjhokie. I promise I will get them answered tonight.
                          Here's my setup, check it out.


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                            2 STanGeR,

                            thanks dude! Sure appreciate you taking the time to give me the info I need. You did one of the best and cleanest looking installs I have seen.


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                              Great install 2 STanGeR! Very profressional looking job!
                              I thought I might chime in to help out kjhokie.
                              Most places may have a Ford wiring harness but they typically don't have the wires to get the subs in the doors working. The one from Crutchfield that 2 STanGeR recommended is really the only place that has this harness with the extra wires for the subs.

                              Also note that if you're using an aftermarket headunit the voltage requirement may be different. You'll know it if you hear a popping sound coming from the subs whenever the stereo is powered on. To prevent this get a regulator from Radio Shack. The one I use for my Avic N2 is 12 to 5 volt regulator (Part# 276-1770) and this will eliminate that noise. Get it at

                              When you put a computer in the vehicle one thing to be aware of is that when the "line out" from the PC and the cables are run to the head unit to output the sound to your speakers there may be an aggravating humming sound that might even be overbearing and make the audio from the computer indiscernable. This primarily occurs when all the power cables are not grounded to the same spot in the vehicle or the audio cable is run too close to a power cables causing interference. A few good things to try to remedy this are moving the audio cables further away from the power cables and purchasing a ground loop isolator (Part# 270-054) from Radio Shack.
                              In most cases trying both of these should help the situation.

                              I don't know if you're planning on putting in an alarm system but here's some information that may help someone else reading this if you're not.
                              Here's the Mustang wiring diagram (it says 2006 but it's the same for 2005's)

                              It should help significantly in the install process if your installer doesn't already have it.

                              Also of note is that if the alarm has the ability to remote start the vehicle you will need an immobilizer bypass module since the mustang won't start unless a chip in the key is present to validate the start process. There are a few different kinds of bypass modules available. The 791 bypass requires a spare key be used (and kept in the unit) to perform the remote start. This can be a problem in that the key can be removed and used to start the car so some choose to cut the key length to deter this from happening. There is another bypass unit (556SW) by a company called "Directed". This unit houses a key (blank with transponder chip) already in it . You can pick one up from Circuit City for about $150 but I've seen it as cheap as $40 elsewhere. Use to find the best price. The unit from Circuit City is called "Ford Encrypted PATS Remote Start Interface Module (556SW)" and can be found here:
                              Also if you need an additional spare key just to get into the car (main key locked in car) because you don't have the "Keyless Entry Keypad" ( you'll pay about $70 at the Ford dealership however you can pick up a blank OEM key with transponder chip here $25 ( and have it cut and it can be the spare just to get into the car but won't start it unless you have it programmed (requires 2 already working keys).

                              You can get additional remotes with programming instructions here

                              Everyone here may already know all this but in case there is someone that doesn't I hope it would help.
                              My 2006 Mustang GT install: