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  • 2002 Ford F-250


    This is my install on my 02 F-250. I've only seen two other installs on the superduty series, and those two were very different from each other and now mine is again different from both of those. I installed the sound system in it about a year ago, which was my first time doing anything with car audio, and just completed the installation of the truckputer, which is the first time I've worked with bondo (actually Liquid Plastic and Icing, see below), let alone install a computer in a vehicle. Now for the good part:

    2002 Ford F-250
    4 wheel drive
    7.3L Powerstroke diesel
    Crew Cab

    The computer:
    • Via Epia SP13000
    • Garmin OEM GPS -15L module with antenna mounted on roof(excellent GPS system, always instant locks with 7-8 satellites)
    • Samsung 80 GB 2.5" HD
    • Opus 120 watt (had a m1-atx but was worried about the 12v draw powering the LCD screen)
    • Avay USB wireless adapter with 7 dB gain antenna mounted externally
    • Slim slotload CDRW/DVD drive from a mac mini
    • 8.4" Optrex sunlight viewable LCD - SVGA, 480 nit, great anti-glare coating , 4 wire resistive touchscreen with USB interface, dimmable for night use via a pot (knob on the right of the screen in the dash). The screen is powered off the opus and the pot uses the 5v line from the opus to send .1-4.92v to the screen. The screen is very viewable during any time of the day, with hardly any reflection off it at all.
    • Travla C158 case - fits almost too perfectly, I had to remove the feet to get it under the seat. The seat scrapes a little paint off the top when I remove the case. I had to cut the case up a little (new standoff for psu, 3 new fan slots, etc) to get everything to fit.
    • OBDII tool with ProScan software
    • Running Centrafuse, iGuidance, the game emulator from reddeath, and other various programs

    • New upper and lower dash pieces
    • I used Liquid Plastic from as the filler. It's like bondo but is made to bond with plastics and is somewhat flexible when it dries, so it won't crack if the plastic bends. I also used their "Icing" to fill in the pin holes.
    • I made a pull out switch bank from a cupholder with 6 switches. 4 are blank for now, one controls the main power to the computer (via a relay), and one controls power to the acc line to turn only the computer/stereo on if the truck is off.
    • I made all connections for the case removable and accessable from the outside. The gps plug is in the hole that was for the original powersupply, and I made a wiring harness out of spare atx male/female connectors that has unregulated power in and regulated power out. This way I can just unplug everything from the computer and take it out of the truck.
    • I also made a cover for the LCD out of a piece of ABS plastic and a bent piece of metal to hook to a slot above the LCD screen. The LCD is the most visible, but every aftermarket component of my truck is or can be hidden from view.
    • Previously made: Custom Sub box behind the rear seat, amp/power distribution/crossover rack that slides out from under the rear seat.

    • Alpine CDA-7998 CD/MP3 Flip out head unit
    • MB Quart 5.25" Premium components in kick panels in the front
    • MB Quart 6.5" Reference components in the rear
    • 2 JL 12w3v2 subwoofers in custom box behind the read seat
    • Hifonics BX1500d mono amp for subs wired for 1000 watts at 2 ohms
    • Hifonics ZX6400 amp 4 x 85 watts for the components into 4 ohms
    • 0 awg wiring

    Please feel free to post any questions/comments you have.

    I have a lot of progress/construction pics too, post if you would like to see some.
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    My 2002 F250 Install

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    1)Original Dash
    2)GPS antenna on the roof and wifi antenna next to the radio antenna
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    My 2002 F250 Install


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      wow thats PIMP! is there some sort of cover for the screen?
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        see 3rd pic on 2nd post. You may have been posting as I put it up
        My 2002 F250 Install


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          yeah thats what i seen. i was making sure its a cover
          i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!


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            well then you sir, are correct
            My 2002 F250 Install


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              Wow, very nice install. Great work - that's super clean. The matching pull out button panel is sweet.

              Any performance mods to the truck?

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                No performance mods yet. I've got a new alarm system and sliding tonneau cover lined up to go in soon, and after that I can't decide if my next project will be lifting it or doing the performance mods. Both have their pros and cons, but I'm afraid whichever I do it will get very expensive . If I do mod the drive train, I will build it around a 120 or 140 hp chip from TS or DP, if you are familiar with them. I can't get any bigger with the chips because my 02 has powdered metal rods, not the stronger forged ones. To run those chips I'll get a 4" or 5" cat-back exhaust from MBRP, but here I can't decide whether to straight pipe it or not. I'll probably run an AFE intake, but I don't particularly want to get into modifying the turbo and injectors yet. With all this new power I'll get a 4 pillar gauge pod to mount on the A pillar with boost, pyro, egt, and voltmeter gauges (my truck didn't come with a voltmeter, I've always wanted one), along with at least a new valve body housing and/or torque converter, if not a rebuilt tranny from BTS. But that's all in the future. See what I said about it getting expensive?
                My 2002 F250 Install


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                  Great install, looks awesome.
                  The anitglare coating on the LCD, more info please?
                  btw, nice choice in amps.
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                    The LCD is this one:
                    along with complimenting lcd controller, inverter, etc.

                    The overview of the anti-glare coating, which is a treatment that this LCD comes from the manufacturer with, is this:
                    The new Anti-reflective coating reduces the surface reflectivity of the LCD panel to approximately 0.3%, compared to the 6 to 12% reflectance offered by a normal anti-glare surface. This enables the panel to provide oustanding performance in very high ambient light environments with excellent legibility, no glare, no decrease in luminance or contrast, and no increase in backlight power consumption
                    My 2002 F250 Install


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                      Man, NICE work!!!! My only criticism (please dont get mad) is the color of the new dash piece. I think it looked better gray, or black if you were going to paint it. I have an F-250 and would love to do something like that when I get the time and money. How hard was it to re-route the AC/heat controls? Very very nice... I may be hitting you up for some info in the future!
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                        That's a monster of a truck you got there.
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                          Originally posted by d_saum
                          Man, NICE work!!!! My only criticism (please dont get mad) is the color of the new dash piece. I think it looked better gray, or black if you were going to paint it. I have an F-250 and would love to do something like that when I get the time and money. How hard was it to re-route the AC/heat controls? Very very nice... I may be hitting you up for some info in the future!
                          I purposely didn't move the A/C controls far so that the stock lines could reach them. The lines run on the seam where the upper and lower dash pieces meet, so I just unhooked one bracket holding them down and ran the lines down to the new location. No extending necessary.

                          The color of the dash is different from the original piece, but the whole interior is probably 12 different shades of tan, so it matches some other parts. That said, I would repaint it with the stock color if I coulg get my hands on it, but I didn't want to pay to have it mixed. Guys do paint their A-pillar gauge pods the stock color though, so maybe someone sells it premade. I need to look.
                          My 2002 F250 Install


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                            Originally posted by vxcarpc
                            That's a monster of a truck you got there.
                            It isn't small
                            My 2002 F250 Install


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                              nice work. i'm about to start work in my 99 Superduty. I'm going to try to keep it a little simpler, however. I'm going to either do the flip screen and new stereo in the double-din and do the computer under the seat, or make a bracket to hold a fixed 7 or 8 inch screen.

                              Unlike you, I did all the performance mods first. Let me know if you have any questions on the Diesel Mods. I can surely help you with those.