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2005 GTO - more shots

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  • 2005 GTO - more shots

    Here's some more pics of the screen installed, as well as the system in the trunk.

    It's a Shuttle XPC, something or another. I've forgotten now! It's sitting atop a crappy old inverter which I'm going to replace with a True Sinewave Inverter as soon as I get the cashflow. Boots to CF within about 9-10 seconds. Has a CDRW drive hidden behind the stock faceplate (go me).

    XP Pro/custom tweaks, CentraFuse (go david!), GPS and a ton of media!

    The ghetto shutdown controller is simple. On ACC it latches the relay via a simple MOSFET. When ACC goes away (key off), the MOSFET stays latched via an R/C circuit for 1 minute (up to 5, changable via a switch on back of circuit). Once ACC does go away, it sends a shutdown pulse to the power button. Computer shuts off in less than 5 seconds. Yay!

    Bundle of wires in the back.. VGA, Audio, USB Keyboard/Touch Screen, Serial GPS, PC supplies power to the Lilliput, and the shutdown wire.

    Only thing left:

    * Make a PC enclosure to match the trunk a bit, tucking the inverter away, allowing access to the PC still.

    * Need to run the 1394 cable up front for the DVD/CD burner, and install it somewhere.

    * Hide the GPS under the reardecklid, or the front dashboard - not leaving it on the trunk.

    * Attach the wireless network card to the antenna on the trunk (lol..)

    Check out this thread to see the lilliput in action:

    On rare occasion after awhile, the screen blacks out, but the TS still works - i'm guessing I need to ground the screen up front and the PC in the rear? I'm guessing that's what it is, saw some others do that on here and it seemed to work?
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    I'm guessing that the 9-10 seconds to CF is from hibernation? How long does it take from a cold boot?


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      That's cold boot, I don't see the need for hibernaiton


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        What is this?
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          That's the .30cal submachine gun control unit.

          I mean.. the ghetto shutdown controller.


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            That's the .30cal submachine gun control unit.

            I mean.. the ghetto shutdown controller.


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              What are the big things you did to make it boot that fast?


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                and could you post pics of the screen....oh yeah and the car.....i think the new gto's are real hot !!!!

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                  If you click the link I submerged in the text, it'll take you to my GTO forum where there's shots of the screen. If you goto and click on 'GameMaster' and goto 'Pictures', you should be able to find a handful of my car pictures.

                  Letme find the link of a post I made about a year ago regarding the mods..

                  Basically, I take out every possible bloat option in Windows, all dependancies, everything. I manually add back in things one at a time, if it needs it. At this point, you have to tell it how to recognize another drive if you put it in.

                  Bloat in Windows is huge because it was meant to be "plug and play" for end users. Linux is nice because you can configure it piece by piece from the ground up--few people know you can almost do the same with windows.

                  With everything loaded (centrafuse and what it needs, ASP, voice, etc..) at a fully loaded condition, it's using about 75mb of ram. At boot iirc, she's running around 50ish or so.

                  It's not hard to do it, just have to know how to strip 'er down. I've had Win2kPro and XP run on a 486/133 with 32mb ram with no problems, running nothing but office. The graphics were a tad choppy, but for nothing but word processing, who cares.

                  I'll post my Services/Dependancy listing when I get a chance to take a screen shot. Basically, all but probably a handful of services are taken out--that's another chunk of speed and efficiency.

                  You have to realize, this isn't a desktop computer, it doesn't need to be running the Event Logger or DHCP client, or Smart Card Helper. Background Intelligence Service? Kill it. Things of that nature.

                  However, don't just go disabling things until you a) know you don't use them b) have read into it.

                  I remember debating a CF card bootup or not, the time savings were a blazing second or two. Would have been pointless for the pain involved. My logo screen (XP bootup splash) is up for all of about 2 seconds. The longest portion of the bootup is the CMOS POST procedure - 5 seconds or so. Another 2ish for the splash, and the remainder is just how long it takes CFuse to load up.


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                    That's very impressive, I must say. I'll stay posted for the Services/Dependancy listing. I've shaved mine down, but there are so many services built in that I don't know what half of them do.


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                      ** Update **

                      I've finally come up with a method to mount my GoatPC in my vehicle which is functional, clean looking and aesthetically pleasing! Shocking.. it took me 3 days to make it, simply because I didn't have anywhere to setup my metalworking equipment so I had to do all of the work by hand--literally. Not having the precision of some of the equipment, I snapped 3 aluminum rods. Well, anyhow, here's some shots of the computer mounted.

                      I'll be posting shots of the mounting system itself sometime tomorrow, the weather wasn't condusive to taking the trunk apart to photograph it.
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                        Looks good, but I went to that GTO site you linked. And need a new taste in music.

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                          I also have a shuutle that im making into a carputer.
                          Any advice ?
                          What front end , gps software, etc..


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                            Originally posted by Willow
                            That's the .30cal submachine gun control unit.

                            I mean.. the ghetto shutdown controller.
                            I need to get me one of those units...

                            Nice, i was going to use my shuttle, but i decided agaisnt it. Amazing boot times though...big props to that
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                              Any chance you could post the schematic for the shutdown controller?