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Citroen ZX 16V carputer

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  • Citroen ZX 16V carputer

    Hello guys

    Here some pics of my Citroen ZX 16V year 1994 carputer with 10 buttons that control the most functions i use in car, like..,play,stop,volume up/down,music,video,turn of the PC,atc' ,so no need to use the screen for those functions,also i add a blue color LED's for night time.

    the tuochscreen is lilliput 629GL.

    tnx for watching

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    Good job.
    You might want to share where you place your carputer as well. I m wondering where is the best place to utilize the interior and trunk space.

    What controller you are using, serial or short-cut key?


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      hi matchbox and tnx for ur feedback

      the computer is under the car right seat.

      for the buttons i use push button switch and connect them to an old keyboard after taking out the small board and find ten letters to use with hot keys software.

      the panel i made my self with a laser machine.


      My Citroen ZX 16V carpc


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        final version!
        citroen zx 16v iDrive.
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          Attached Files


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            that looks like a really nice ZX you got there. looks pretty good with the gti-6 alloys. is it the 167hp version?


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              tnx! this ver. of the zx comming with 150hp,after few engine mods it have around 167,i test it with a gti-6,driving the same

              the zx with 167hp is from 1996,my zx is a 94'.

              the rims goes back to my bro gti-6 and put back my white 16" speedline rims.