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Ford Mondeo 2.0L 1996 stv.

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  • Ford Mondeo 2.0L 1996 stv.

    When I bought my Mondeo I quickly found out that a 7 inch screen would fit perfectly in the dash. And since I'm known for having internetaccess in my garage, livingroom, betroom and basement I it was just a matter of time before a computer would be installed in the car.

    Here is the original dashboard.
    The plan was to mount the screen where the carstereo were and move the stereo to where the ashtray were.

    Before the actual install, everything had to be hooked up and tested.
    The testing was so fun, so once I had the test-setup working the installing was postponed for some days.

    After a week of driving with the screen unsafely placed on the ashtray, the actual install started. The stereo was removed.

    The ord witch separated the place for the screen had to be cut. I used and electical saw and a Dremmel.

    The result didn't look too bad.
    The cut will be hidden by the screen.

    This is were the first problem accured.
    The matal bar, witch I think is there to support the stereo had to be cut. Who want to have a stereo when you can have a Carputer anyway. With a Dremmel the bar is cut at the red line.

    What now happes has to be considered a gift from God. The screen fits perfectly into the frame. No more modifications was needed. Fastening the screen was also easy. You need to drill a hole at one of the two arrows. Take out the screw of the foot and take it apart. Fasted the foot to the screen, not too tight. Adjust. Take it out and fasted the foot tight. I used a screw for wood to fasted the screen and it worked realy good.

    After doing the above, I'm quite pleased with the final product. Lilliput and Mondeo is a perfect match.

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    Hello, I have a Ford Mondeo 94, with the same dashboard !

    Can you post more pics from your instalation ???

    I would like to make the same to me own car.

    Best regards from Portugal,