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1999 Pajero

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  • 1999 Pajero

    GDI Japanese Import Pajero
    1MB RAM
    80GB HD
    CF Bluetooth
    Morex 3688 Case
    7inch Lilliput
    Rear Headrest Monitors
    Backup Camera
    Road Runner
    Map Monkey
    BT 308 USB GPS
    Kenwood Head Unit with Home Made Aux Cable
    ScanTool OBDII Interface - Not working
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    More Photos

    A couple more photos
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      nice install, it look very good lcd install in the dash
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      Part the project. = 100%
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        Cool, got the same car and waiting for my stuff to be delivered. Can you give more details how you managed to get this done so nicely? I basically screwed the holder of my 8" just below the compass and altimeter. This looks better.
        Any luck with the ODBII?


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          This looks so good. Nice work. Any pic of the stock dash?
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            This looks great


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              That install looks great! I really like your headrest monitors. Who makes them and where did you get them?


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                Great install. One question?
                I have a similar set up mobo wise. I also have two headrest composite headrest monitor. What are you using to display to the headrest monitor? I have tried a few different set up including buying dual head matrox graphic card. but none seem to do the trick.

                I finally ended up using the mobo video car with the bios set to tv as the video type. Only problem with that is my vga lilliput becomes all white everytime i start my pc before it goes to normal.

                wondering if you have any issues with your set up.


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                  i'm building a similar project to the pajero gls 1998, it's doesnt have woodpanels etc and doesn't have rear seat displays, can you tell those measurements of that center displays visor or do you have any pictures during you build it? i guess you used fiberclass on it? Looks pretty sleek and nice.


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                    Skawj Back

                    I have a new job and my old e-mail address is no longer available. Some answers to the questions;

                    The standard dash had the three guages in the middle. The larger LCD binacle is from a Japanese version that has a 3:4 TV in it. The 16:9 actually goes in there better than the OEM. You should be able to get the same binacle from any Mitsubishi dealer who has access to the Japanese parts.

                    I have tried everything to get the OBDII working with no luck. Has anyone else got OBDII working on a Pajero?

                    The headrest monitors were bought from eBay. They come from China and slot straight in. I have actually switched these ones over to 9inch ones and put the 7s in the third row for the kids. Some people would suggest 5 screens in the car is too many.

                    I drive the 4 rear screens using a splitter box that came with the headrest monitors. The input for the splitter comes from the composite RCA in the MII. I also have set the BIOS to output to video. Except my screen doesn't go white when I boot up. The Lilliput just says Out of Range then brings up XP. It is only a problem when I need to enter the BIOS. I have to look at the rear screen.

                    I will post some more shots of the new 9 inch screens.


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                      Freeeaking awsome! I had som ideeas about putting lcd in the dash, and those pics wont slow me down. Great install.

                      Have som questions about your reverscam in the back of your trunk. Have you made the hole urselfe? Or is it the former key hole? Please tell us ;D


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                        Originally posted by Ekvation
                        Have som questions about your reverscam in the back of your trunk. Have you made the hole urselfe? Or is it the former key hole? Please tell us ;D
                        looks to be the key hole

                        one question I have is regarding the head rest monitors.

                        It looks as if the passanger side head rest monitor has a different color shround than the drivers side. Is this the case? If so, why?
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                          New Screens

                          I have moved the 7 inch screens into the back and I have new 9 inch ones in the middle row.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	HPIM0011.jpg
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                          Click image for larger version

Name:	HPIM0012.jpg
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                            umm, i could be wrong..

                            but the little girls seat looks WAY too close to the seat in front of her +_+

                            any small accident would send her head flying into that screen, no? :X