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Completed Meagne Coupe install

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  • Completed Meagne Coupe install

    I have finally completed my install with hard work and plenty of I had a few problems with my laptop install. Just need to install power switch. Tell me what you think as this is my first attempt?? BTW i'm RoadRunner is dam gooood!!!

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    nice , may i ask you some thing, i also used my laptop (see small but functional VW) i see you have the sound coming from your laptop to your amp and out to your speakers, given that the laptop is connected directly to your speakers via the amp; how do you use your radio or cd player with thoes speakers?

    i used a aux input device to connect it to the cd input on the back of the radio.

    what did you do?


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      Hi m8, I used aux input device on head unit. Then got head uint running into amp then out to speakers, It's the best way. All i have to do is fix the inverter in the boot, just hoping that it do not interfear with laptop. Have you sorted out a on/off button?? i need to wire a direct wire from switch and install in dash?


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        i never thought of running the head unit to the amp and then to the speakers, nive one =)
        ya i got my on/off button working with a push to make switch.

        its explained in my post
        check it out m8