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'02 Corvette PC/Audio Project

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  • '02 Corvette PC/Audio Project

    Here's the completed dash installation. Complete with 4 port hub and molded in trackball

    The three 8's in the trunk in my combo sub box/amp rack

    The JL amps and Stinger 20 farad cap

    Another view showing the Alpine 701 control unit in the waterfall between the seats

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    How in the world do you adjust the vollume without a remote and drive?


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      That looks great! Really nice work.
      Post a detailed pic of the trackball.
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        Very nice.
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          Originally posted by Das
          How in the world do you adjust the vollume without a remote and drive?
          i'm guessing with your hand? i dunno. Its not like it's in the trunk.
          such great craftmanship on the whole install and that's all you can say?

          some people are unfreaking believable!

          speaking of unfreaking believable...

          awesome work...looks familiar though
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            WOW! Very nice install. I really like the molding work on the center console. I would love to see some more details on the trackball and the usb hub.

            Sweet car and great install.

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              are there any plan on integrating the screen a little more?

              nice job on the hub and track ball!
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