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  • Honda Ridgeline

    Honda Ridgeline Car Computer
    Pentium-M 750

    10.2" In-dash Touchscreen

    Components mounted on top of spare tire (drawer pulled out).

    Drawer closed, no impact on cargo space.

    Check out more at
    Honda Ridgeline
    Pentium M - 10.2" Screen

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    nice use of the cargo storage, better than having that full of fish to throw at grizzly bears
    No one ever said this stuff was easy...The Mobile Desktop

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      Its nice to see someone else doing a Ridgeline! You had to run a LOT of wire to put all that stuff in the trunk! I've got a full size spare, so even if that idea had occurred to me I wouldn't have the room for it.

      Did you buy the radio from a NAV equipped Ridge? What are you using for your screen? Is everything but the screen mounted in the trunk? What are you using for keyboard/mouse or are you totally dependant on the touchscreen?

      Oh, and what trim level and color is your Ridgeline?
      Mac mini in a 2006 Honda Ridgeline!


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        Yes, wiring took a long time, I had to remove most of the interior and dash. There are a lot of power relays and a 5V power supply in the dash I had to deal with too. The computer and monitor automatically switch over to AC power when you plug it in so I can do maintenance and sync files.

        I bought the radio from the dealer, my Ridgeline is a black RTL and I ordered one from an RTL-N (navigation). There are 2 usb hubs, one in the dash and one in the console. The one in the dash controls the wireless keyboard receiver, touchscreen, GPS receiver, and Sounblaster USB card. The console is used for DVD, bluetooth (cell phone), and 2 external ports.

        Here is a picture of the insert I made for the console. It just slips into the compartment, it is hidden when the console is closed.

        Honda Ridgeline
        Pentium M - 10.2" Screen