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Skoda Octavia Install

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  • Skoda Octavia Install

    Almost happy with the install now
    So thought its about time to put a few pictures up

    Was getting really dishartend about ever finnishing relocating the climate controls. But once as i managed to get the bottom part of the dash of it was fairly easy

    The boot

    The PC

    The Dash

    Goind to re-carpet the PC and amp this weekend with a better match carpet to the OEM stuff
    Might drop a Slot load CD underneath the PC
    Bluetooth & WiFi still to install
    Better fitting of the GPS receiver

    Cant make my mind up if it would look better with a much brighter shade of silver for the dash

    Id love some suggestions on improvments

    not sure what else to do

    What do you lot rekon then ?

    and i know my steering wheel is on the wrong side
    got plenty of work in progress pics if you want aswell

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    hang on...deja vu!

    i like your dash colour and those strut braces seem a bit silly!


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      i know bit of an attention hore me


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        Very clean install!! Congratulation
        The old setup
        The new setup
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          nice install
          Plan for project = 100%
          Part the project. = 100%
          Built...................= 99%
          Finish.................= 99%
          Install ...............= 99% -50%
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            Originally posted by Maverick
            i know bit of an attention hore me
            well you deserve it. awesome job.


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              Originally posted by Maverick
              ....The boot....
              i love you english people.
              nice install
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              [::::::::::] 80% - Computer
              [::::::::::] 0% - Fabbing
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                wat did u make the enclosure for the pc out of ? like behind the carpet got ne pics of installatioN?


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                  Got a few pictures of the instalation

                  The dash front removed cut down to fit the dash bezel
                  had to cut the lower hole to size to fit the front of the stereo
                  the climate was here but will be being moved to the ash tray

                  Test fitted

                  fibreglass, fillered, painted ect you know the routine

                  Painted and laquerd

                  I had to carefully cut all the buttons above the screen about 4mm to fit in the smaller gap after the screen was in

                  Most of the PC built using a morex case
                  i removed the front panel and cut a hole in the lid lit and perspexed with a blue tinted perspex i had from an old computer case i had modified

                  Cut an MDF pannel to fit on the side of the boot.......... sorry trunk

                  Then trimmed it and fitted all the computer bits
                  the box to the left of the PC has usb ports on it with two 2 throw relays to cut the usb power when the PC is off

                  This bit took ages to build
                  small kids have there uses passing the cable sleeving around the cable while i fit it
                  wiring loom remote from the ignition to the opus, 12v & 5v from a morex to power the screen

                  got a few pictures of moving the climate but there a bit boring
                  that was a real pain to do aswell

                  and finally a few pictures of what is all been fitted to


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                    I like that paint finish you did with that. I was going to put mine in the back quarter panel like you have done, but I don't trust drivers around here all that much seeings as how the car I've had has been rear ended 3 times.

                    Did you order that paint or what?

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                      really great install, the computer looks amazing mounted and displayed like that. great job!
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                        what do you use to mount that ? and it can stay there.. thanks


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                          and where did you buy that kind of cables?


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                            Originally posted by shinjetko
                            and where did you buy that kind of cables?
                            Did you actually read the post? He made them.


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                              nice instal man! good luck!
                              car: skoda octavia 2006 just started my project but i dont' have anything for the moment