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mkiv Supra Reinstalled

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  • mkiv Supra Reinstalled

    I've finally got round to putting the mk2 CarPC into my car....

    Go here to see the full story.

    Toyota Supra TT | EPIA MII 10000 | 256Mb DDR RAM | Indash VGA | OPUS 150W | 80Gb HDD | GPS | 802.11b | GPRS

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    Did you hook it into the supra ECU or anything along those lines?



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      hey dan,

      if you want to tap the ECU i would suggest either one of two things for datalogging

      1.) Use an LM1 wideband and get the PC related attachments
      2.) Get an AEM and go from there.

      I have a 1987 Supra with a 2jzgte single turbo APU+ setup.

      I was going to do the whole car PC in it, but im leaning towards a g35 in the future so im going to take my plans there.



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        Thanks for the info. My engine performance plans will probably get done prior to the CarPc so maybe trying to integrate to something like a Apexi Power FC or something along those lines.



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          looks good, love the car (even though i shouldn't since i had an rx7 and now a corvette...but i can give you 'props' for an awesome car!)...your sub box doesn't deserve to be in your ride though... ever thought about doing something custom?
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            Agree with Scott, a glass or at least custom wood box would do you good!
            I'm hungry


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              i gotta agree with the others

              sorry, but that sub is doing a great injustice to the car