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In Dash Stainless Case- Custom

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  • In Dash Stainless Case- Custom

    Here Is a case I just finished for a customer. It will function as an in dash carpc that can be removed and docked in a home theater system. Includes 21
    precision placed pc board standoffs on the inside and a 2 space harddrive rack. The top and back panels are removable. Note the slots in the side plates for docking. Construction out of T-304 Stainless polished to a #4 finish. Dimensions are 4"x6"x7"
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    All I can say is... WOW!


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      OK so where is it mounting in a car looks like one of the double chevy radios but that wont be too pretty will it. Perhaps since your doing so much fabrication you could powder coat


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        Ah, But that is why it is stainless and not steel. The case is highly polished and grained (hard to see in picture). Powdercoating would be good for steel cases that dont look good polished.


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          Originally posted by HarshReality
          OK so where is it mounting in a car looks like one of the double chevy radios but that wont be too pretty will it. Perhaps since your doing so much fabrication you could powder coat
          Powdercoat? good Lord, NO! the finish on that SS is beautiful.

          To the OP, very nice work! I want 1!!!!, no, make that 4!


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            Thank you! keep us in mind the next time you need fabrication.


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              hey Veritas, you should start a thread of all of your work after it's been installed.

              again, nice job
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                awesome work..
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                  Thank you. Thats a good idea I will get pictures from everyone and post them all at once as a finished prouduct thread.


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                    This is my case, by the way. Working with Veritas was a pleasure. I will show pictures of me craming everything in it once it arrives. The case holds a 256x128px vfd, 10 tactile buttons, rotary joystick, rotary encoder and IR port. The innards is a half-ebx advantech board with 50watt PSU, tv-out card, two custom input boards, the HQCT radio module, and can fit two harddrives.

                    Like I said.. Crammed.

                    To answer some questions: Yes, the unit fits into the double-DIN dash of my Nissan Sentra. I may paint it if I don't like the finish, but I think the SS is a nice effect.. Something different. If I did powder coat, I would probably only do the face plate; create a sort-of iPod effect. The case was designed with guides to slide in and out of the car's dash. This way I can take the unit inside and play music over my entertainment system. There is a docking connector in the back, so the unit just has to slide in the car. There are also auxillary RCA, power, and lan connections. Two DB-15 connectors are provided so the unit can drive NES/Genesis controllers and serve as an emulator system.

                    I gotta go order the tactile switches, some clad board, and a few interconnects and I'm 'done'.


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                      Does the lcd fit in there if so what size?


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                        That's slick as hell!!! Awesome job dude!

                        I'm just wondering if you considered using a laptop and buying two docking stations for it - one for use in the house, and the other for use in the car (for example) under the drivers seat or in the trunk.

                        I mention this only because the newer HP and toshiba models (and i am sure others) come with 160+ gig hard drives in them and they're very fast machines - 2.6 ghz and above. expensive, true, but it's a true mobile desktop replacement solution!

                        anyway, Awesome job on the casing.... blows away my half-assed efforts by far!
                        - sh00k
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                          I considered a laptop but where is the fun in that? LCD?? Nah.. I use a VFD, much better performance during the day and night. It fits in the giant hole in the front. I could always have an auxillary LCD, but I don't need it.

                          Unfortunately I accidently scratched the front panel while doing the installation. Hopefully Veritas will be kind enough to repolish that section.


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                            hey gordon, beautiful case... can't wait till we start on mine

                            you do nice work... you really should post up a thread with all of your stuff in one thread in the showoff section...
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                              The case is great. I was about to post pictures but I realized I didn't measure the dual harddrive bracket correctly. So I had to send my baby back to Gordon for an adjustment.