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Scottish MK6 Ford Fiesta Complete Install

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  • Scottish MK6 Ford Fiesta Complete Install

    OK time for me to get my finger out and get some pics!

    Install Spec:

    AsRock Mobo with 1800xp
    512 MB Kingstone Ram
    80GB WD HD
    K700 Motorized Screen
    M1-ATX PSU
    USB GPS Dongle
    USB Wireless adatpter card

    All running on windows xp SP2 with Centrafuse Frontend

    Setting up at home

    Screen (note the boot error as i forgot to put in the HD)

    Me boot with false floor (Carpet only temp till i get perspex window cut)

    The tresure bellow

    Motherboard in car! All computer components are mounted on metal plate.

    HD caddy for easy removal and slots into home pc for update

    Mono on left and 2 channel on right.

    Sub in boot, can be moved out easily for my snowboarding gear

    Screen Closed, only thing that bugs me is it sticks out a bit more than the HU

    Screen out with Centrafuse running (best front end for carpc use)

    Screen out, looks good i must say

    GPS, running 2D

    GPS, running 3D

    And the good old simpsons for the traffic jams

    And a video of the screen coming out its wee house!

    Please note that the glare on the screen is nowhere near as bad as that mad to look by the crapy camera i have!

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    Nice install! You're not having problems powering all that with an m1?
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      runs sweet and never had any probs


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        very nice...
        jus wondering about power consumption and a m1-atx...doesnt it warm up?
        can u measure the ampere it takes from the battery?


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          Looks really good! Nice work!
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