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Peugeot 306 'OEM Look' Installation

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  • Peugeot 306 'OEM Look' Installation

    Hi guys,

    I had been thinking of doing this for a while, but I was apprehensive because of my lack of experience with fibreglass, but I went ahead and did it anyway.

    So I went ahead and bought a 7" Lilli touch panel off eBay (good delivery from HK to UK too) and got a laptop from work. So my spec is...

    7" Lilliput Touch Screen
    1.8GHz Pentium M
    512 MB Ram
    80 GB Hdd
    Integrated LAN/WAN/GFx/SND

    I'm making the shutdown controller really simply (can't see why no-one has done this before). It will run off a 12v laptop power supply, so its fully regulated. A relay will be connected to the ignition to the PSU, so it can only be turned on when the ignition is on, also, the power switch is wired to a relay and a circuit and debounce switch circuit, so when the ignition goes live, it connects the power switch temporarily. I have made power profiles so that when the laptop goes onto battery power, in 3 minutes it will hibernate. So when I turn off my car, I can still play with it on battery if needs be, but if I walk away it will turn off altogether - easy peasy.

    So this is how far I have gotten so far, I didn't have batteries in my camera for the first half of the fabrication (sorry), but I'll still describe what I did.

    1. I dismantled the lower dash section from my car.

    2. I cut out the ashtray and spare change compartment to make room for my panel.

    3. I then put the Lilli bezel in the hole I cut, hot glued it in, then stretched a bit of tights (pantyhose) over the whole area and pulled it in from the inside. This gave me the smooth transition into the bezel. I covered it in resin and let it dry.

    4. After the resin dried, I reinforced the panel with 2 layers of fibreglass mat - although tissue would be prefered for its flexibility in the size given, my shop had sold out and I'm impatient. I would have fibreglassed from the rear, but I didn't have enough operating room unfortunately.

    5. After the resin dried (the second time), I started to bondo and smooth. A lot of sanding was needed to get the fibreglass to blend in with the existing sides and top.

    6. I then sanded, and bondo'ed and sanded and bondo'ed and sanded and bondo'ed until all the little bumps were gone. I used 240 grit for the rough stuff and 400 to smooth it down.

    7. I got some high build primer, that was designed for metal, so I covered it all in a paint adhesion thing for plastics first. Then I coated it in the primer, and sanded it, because I was impatient I had a few runs, so I had to sand between the coats. I layed about 12 coats of primer in the end, maybe more, I lost track. I made my own mini oven to cure the paint a little faster, but it does seem to mess up the bondo, as I learned later. I also test fitted the screen just to see what the gaps were like.

    8. So now it was ready for proper painting, using some texture paint. Again, I hurried the paint job, so shortly after spraying it, I got runs in the paint, and needed to sand the whole thing down and respray it.

    9. After sanding it down and respraying it, I learned that the heat from the lamps make the bondo crack, causing some rather annoying problems. So I had to sand that side down again and respray it. The crack is shown below...

    10. I resprayed another time (each time I sprayed it was around 3 medium coats) and then it came out almost perfect. BUT the colour was just a little too glossy to match my existing dash, so more colour matching is neccessary. The peice of dash next to my fabricated bit is original, I haven't sprayed it, or messed with it.

    11. I went and bought some satin black spray, but I am yet to use it because I'm waiting for the texture paint to cure properly - without heat lamps.

    Hope you guys like it...I think this is the 3rd 306 on here now, but I only saw photos from one of them, and mine looks the best

    '98 Peugeot 306
    Project Status: I sold it ages ago!


    The ultimate shutdown control software for laptops.

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    Wow, for one day of work incredible. Really have to get better a laying down bondo.

    One quick question, what brand of texture paint did you use?


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      Grade job, nice consol
      Plan for project = 100%
      Part the project. = 100%
      Built...................= 99%
      Finish.................= 99%
      Install ...............= 99% -50%
      Ditail at


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        Yeh, here is what I used to do it...

        £2 / $4 Autocare Latex Gloves
        £3 / $6 Davids Glass Fibre Kit
        £4 / $8 Glue Gun and 24 Glue Sticks
        £4 / $8 Davids P38 Filler
        £0.50 / $1 Generic BPO Hardener
        £3 / $6 Hycote Wrinkle Finish Black Paint
        £2 / $4 High Build Primer
        £4 / $8 Plastic Primer
        £3 / $6 Assorted sheets of Wet and Dry 180/240/400

        I think that is everything I used. I was unsure about the texture paint, but I learnt that you can make texture with ordinary paint anyway, just spray from a distance onto tacky paint, and it gives it the same OEM texture. The wrinkle finish is really good though, takes patience to get it spot on though.

        '98 Peugeot 306
        Project Status: I sold it ages ago!


        The ultimate shutdown control software for laptops.


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          And just for interest, heres all the boot builds I have done, well, I say boot builds - just speakers in the boot.

          First install

          But I used to carry passengers all the time, so the weight wasn't practical. Although it was only 6" deep, had 1x12" sub and 1x8" sub and two 5" mids. It was covered in OEM carpet and looked pretty ordinary (which is what I wanted). Sold on eBay.

          Second install

          It was a 12" sub with a basic 100w amp. For sale, £60 + P&P.

          Current install

          At the moment I have two 12" subs in a 2 chamber sealed MDF box (homemade again) covered in PVC leather.

          It kinda uses more bootspace, but has better volume for each sub (2.5cuF) and is completely air tight and very sturdy. Plus I tuned it to the frequency I wanted. I'm thinking of changing it again due to needing bootspace for work, so if you want to buy it, I'm willing to sell it

          '98 Peugeot 306
          Project Status: I sold it ages ago!


          The ultimate shutdown control software for laptops.


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            Hi blessani i have a 306, i was just wondering if you have a full installation post? need some idea's, i like where you put the laptop!!


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              I never made another post, but I have more photos - but they are pretty much the same as above.

              The laptop was under a false floor about 1.5" deep, I still had it up until a while ago - I think I threw it away (the car was sold over a year ago).

              '98 Peugeot 306
              Project Status: I sold it ages ago!


              The ultimate shutdown control software for laptops.