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2000 BMW e46 laptop based carputer project

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  • 2000 BMW e46 laptop based carputer project

    Finally I'm posting a few pictures of my carputer. It's running reliably like this for about 8-9 months now.

    Some notes:
    - Copilot v9 for navigation
    - Frodoplayer with separate day and night skins
    - SVEN4 to connect Audigy 2 ZX to Harman Kardon amp (I know, volume is low; solution coming soon (keyword: TDA7053A)
    - Carpcpro power controller
    - Laptop in the trunk (trunk pictures coming later)
    - Steering wheel buttons are integrated through hacking the I-bus (vol up/down, next/prev song, switch between apps, mute/pause)

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    nice Install

    I love the green skin for this install ;o)

    The red is to strong
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      Thanks. Red skin gets activated automatically at night, and is showing too bright than actual in the picture above. Without this monochrome red skin, the screen is too bright & distractive for nighttime driving.


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        how do you have it change skins automatically at night?
        Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!


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          Nice install

          Do you have pictures of your rear install?

          Regards Janus

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            Originally posted by pepsibobby
            how do you have it change skins automatically at night?
            most front ends, have a time that you set in the options, that changed the skin depending on whatever time you have it set at


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              no pics of the actual PC!?

              booooooo booooooooo


              get some pics of the PC up here!

              Jan Bennett
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                Sooo, how are the pics of the rest of the system coming?

                waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting.
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                  cant wait to see more pics. I am about to do the same thing in my 325
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                    wire stuff

                    hi, trying to wire my 235xi. where does black grd. wire from sven4 go? thanks.


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                      help me

                      hi, i'm italian and i learned more from your projects. i have any question:

                      i would to connect directly my original harman kardon sound system to carpc. with a 2 channels amplifier connected to radio plug-in. is possible??


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                        nice install, i like bmw done stuff
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                          How do you turn it on? what kind of laptop? what did you use for psu?


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                            nice.. i got my carpc comming for my 01 330 :0 .. if you dont mind, me asking you some questions along the way when i get it started.. most likely Sven4 setup and hacking the IBUS (where did you buy the part to hack into the ibus?) thanks..



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                              Hi, what do you use to power the laptop. I'm thinking of using one my self. As i have a spare laptop.