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1989 Volvo 240 Wagon

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  • 1989 Volvo 240 Wagon

    Hey folks, I've been working on this for a few months now, with some help from all the great people here, its ready for a little daylight.

    I'd like to thank scott_fx for the amp, it really rocks.

    Ideas for the install came from two previous volvo 240 threads, specifically, the removal of the air vents for more dash space:

    It goes by 'the Scrimshaw', its got 104k on it so its still in pretty good shape, take a look:
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    The Dash

    The screen is a 700H with a personalized face plate. I took an old toyota radio apart and the knobs are actually on springs so that the screen can fit when flipped up. As you'll notice, I made a custom dash bracket for the screen (out of aluminum, to replace the air vents) and used the old radio spot for the DVD burner. The DVD burner was placed in the bracket with a combination of spray foam and bondo, a lot of sanding and a little paint. Before I take any heat for my bondo work, i know its not perfect, but I was actually going for more of a surreptitious look... or at least something more congruent with an 89 wagon...
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      The Bombshelter

      The computer is a SP13000 and I made a custom 1/4" Al box (the bombshelter), its overkill i know, but its a good heat conductor and it was university subsidized. I have a sound card going to the amp. I designed it so it just fits in the compartment in the back, its tight and ventilation is non-existant, so any cooling ideas are welcome.
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        I found a lighted keyboard that fits in the glove box, and I also installed an extra USB port in there for ipods or what have you. thats pretty much it, I still plan to do a nitemax addition, but I am running roadrunner with LSX and its downright solid. hope you enjoyed the tour.
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          sure blows away the factory radio u had.....enjoy

          hey, what's nitemax??
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