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2000 Civic carputer beginnings

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  • 2000 Civic carputer beginnings

    well today i finally finsished a 3 week long project of cutting into a screen, lots of bondo, sanding, sanding, and yea u guessed it sanding.....but finally the finshed product.....a 7" touchscreen mounted in my dash and all in all looks pretty damn good almost stock....... and as for the mobo and stuff it easily fit into a 12 disc cd changer which will be mounted in my trunk......

    the specs of my carputer

    1.3 GHZ Processor
    1 GB DDR2 RAM
    160W smart power supply
    WIFI USB adapter
    250 GB HDD
    CDRW/DVD drive
    TV Tuner

    more pics of it installed just waiting on a 16' USB and VGA cable so i can mount the cd changer in the trunk.....i have a nice honda dash for the carputer it will do MP3's, movies, GPS, games, and a **** ton more


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    very cool. i love the pc in the cd changer case. makes it a little more stealth. nice work on the screen to. looks real clean


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      great work NOOB!!! rtfm!!! oh wait...
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        that is really nice! I love that computer placement.


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          is that hard drive mounted to anything?

          looks like its jus sitting in there


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            it is mounted to the side of the case and also has foam underneath it to help prevent it from banging around when my car hit bumps


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              clean look, good idea
              Blaz3 [|||||||||-] 88%


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                I would love to see some WIP of that console. i am doing the exact same thing with a 7" lilli and my 99 sir


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                  finally got it all installed and wired up boy was that a nightmare of wires.....2 days later here are the pics of it installed and running my honda skinned program
                  The beginnng of the wiring mess:

                  my dog bugging me as usual

                  Finally the finsished product after a good 6 hrs of wiring hell

                  more to come once i get all the apps installed that i need like TV gps a few games, and a few other fun things to play with......


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                    that dog looks like its stealing your megahertz