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1991 Subaru Legacy

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  • 1991 Subaru Legacy

    So I have been slowly working on this for about four months now, and finally got the screen mounted properly this weekend. I figured it was time to post some pictures and stuff.

    I built just about the entire thing out of spare pieces I had lying around.

    The computer:

    1GHz Pentium III processor
    384MB RAM
    20GB hard drive (temporary)
    4MB AGP video card
    Aureal Vortex 4 channel sound card
    TM-868 off-brand 8" touch screen

    MB Quart 6.5" components in front
    Kenwood 320W 4-channel amp
    Obcon 10" subwoofer in trunk
    Jensen 300W 2-channel amp, bridged


    The car (slightly outdated):

    The computer is a full-size ATX mounted in a custom wood case (again, I used parts I had lying around, this is not a perfect design by any means):

    It sits in the corner of the trunk:

    Power to the computer and inverter is controlled by switches in the dash until I can finish a startup/shutdown controller:

    To mount the screen, I molded the casing from the screen into the stock radio bezel using epoxy putty and bondo:

    And here it is mounted in the car:

    Right now I'm using Roadrunner as a front end because I like to be able to customize it and it seems pretty stable, although I've been having annoying problems with the computer a lot so far (in the last two days, I guess it's not that bad ).

    There's a ton more to come, but it's a slow process because I'm poor.
    ~ Joel

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    nice! i drive an 05wrx and im so enthused by subarus in general, this one is lucky you love it enough for a carpc ^_^ keep it up man.


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      ~ Joel


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        how much was the computer? how much is the bluebook on your car?
        Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!


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          I had most of the computer pieces already, so total invested from the start of this project is a little over $300. Book on the car is somewhere around $1700ish. Doesn't really matter to me though, the car's got a good 100k-200k miles of life left in it if I want to push it that far.
          ~ Joel


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            lol yeah just messin with you. dosnt matter what the cars worth the computer is much more important.
            Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!


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              looks good mate, im just about to start my car pc install in my 92 legacy (or as we call them in Australia, liberty )

              just wondering how hard it was to fit that screen in the dash?


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                It wasn't all that hard but it took a decent amount of custom work. Behind the stock bezel I had to cut away all the stock stereo mounting points to leave a smooth open hole for it to go in, and I still need to cut a little of the bottom of the cupholder area. The rest was just bondo and sanding after that. It would be a lot easier if you used a smaller screen.

                I can get a picture of the area behind if you want.
                ~ Joel


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                  yer, that would be great,



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                    great job

                    I am working on my 95' Subaru Legacy too..