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The Land Yacht - not so kludge Sprinter install Rev4

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  • The Land Yacht - not so kludge Sprinter install Rev4

    So. What I found was, that with Leviathan the motherboard & PSU lived on the left wall, while most of the drives lived in the front and the rest lived on the right wall.

    What this meant was that all of the cables for the drives (power & data) stretched across the big open space in the center of the case to plug into the drives. With normal driving this meant those cables worked their way loose. I couldn't think of a way to prevent this from happening so I decided to swap Leviathan with the "Stacker" case (essentially a drive-farm type full tower case) that I had as my personal computer. Because of the way the drive bays are layed out, it's very unlikely that the cables will have the chance to work their way loose.

    As an added step, when I get the chance to get a hot-glue gun in a few days I'll glue all the connections as suggested by several people.

    While I was at it, I also decided to install the new battery I've been sitting on for a week & a half. The results were quite nice. Here are the pics.
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    By the way, kudos & much thanks to Jimmy Fitz without whose help I would not have been able to complete this project.


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      Nice pics. Glad to hear the rest of the job went smoothly.