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  • Friend's Isuzu Rodeo

    Well around my carPC my friend deicided that he'll do the same and so it began...

    it's a miracle he fit all that in the front... of course he took out his airbag...but we had no time since he moved to Puerto Rico few days ago.. somehow the last day everything just worked perfectly..

    He's running:


    MSI mobo
    Athlon XP 2500 Mobile
    512MB Ram
    36GB SATA Raptor (Windows)
    40GB PATA 2.5in hdd for music and whatever
    SB Live 5.1
    7in Lilli
    He didnt want to go with a Opus or something like that so he's using a regular inverter

    overall I liked his setup a lot mainly cuz of the speed it boots and operates...

    Some pics:

    This was still while in the building process so dont get alarmed of all the

    At the end when everything was zip tied and put in place... all he has to do it put the cover back on and he'll be set...