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"ZPC" - Computer install in a 350z

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  • "ZPC" - Computer install in a 350z

    After a few weeks I'm finally done with the physical install of the car computer. Of course there will always be tweaks but it's definitely where I want it to be!

    Here are the specs and details followed by pictures.

    The Car
    -2005 Nissan 350z Daytona Blue
    -6 Speed
    -Non Navigation
    -Other small MODS: Cleared out lights, LED sidemarkers, JWT Pop charger, ARC Titanium shift knob and NISMO spoiler

    -Alpine CDA 9857 with full speed iPod hookup
    -SIR-ALP1 Sirius tuner
    -Infiniti Kappa Perfect 6.1
    -JL 10w6v2 Subwoofer (10")
    -Kicker KX500.2 and KX300.2

    The Computer
    -Vista (Jetway) board with Via C7 processor 1.5 GHZ
    -M2-ATX Power Supply
    -512MB Ram
    -120GB 3.5" 7200RPM HD
    -Onboard sound and video
    -Custom enclosure from Ikea
    -Combo DVD/CDRW drive
    -D Link 7 port USB Hub
    -BU-355 GPS receiver with serial interface
    -Xenarc 700TSV 7" Touchscreen
    -USB Gamepad for Project 64
    -D Link Wireless USB Adapter with Super G or something
    -About $100 in cables from Newegg it seems haha

    The Software
    -Windows XP Home SP2
    -Road Runner with Freedom v2.1 skin
    -Project 64 N64 Emulator with a crap load of ROMS
    -iGuidance v3.0 North America
    -XPort3 Com port splitter
    -Wifi Hopper (still working with this thing)

    Goals for the project
    I had a few goals when setting about this project. I did alot of research on these boards and I have to say - this is such a great resource of knowledge. I can't believe how many 30+ page threads I read through to get help. It seems any problem I've encountered someone else has. Anyway, I wanted to keep a factory look without too much hanging out. I hate, hate, hate wires everywhere. I was hoping to keep this around $800. Software needs were: Music, Video and Navigation. Fast switching between them an all features available while moving. Lastly, I wanted to be able to move files from my Power Mac in my house to the car PC while it's in the driveway.

    How it ended up
    I messed around with StreetDeck and while it is a great peice of software and very polished it was a little too constricting in how and when you could use it. Also, I saw that people were doing some phenomenal things with Road Runner. Free? Sign me up. I have to say - Roadrunner with the Freedom skin is more than I could ever ask for. I'm waiting for Sirius support and GPS Gas Finder in Freedom and I'll be set! As for price, I came in a little under $1000 without having to purchase a hard drive but including the LCD and a $75 navigation pocket out of a 2003 which works better with the LCD. I currently have around 40 GB of music and 20 GB of DIVX movies (full DVD comes in around 700 MB). I'm always updated and changing stuff from my computer in the house wirelessly. Works great.

    Anyway... on to the pictures!

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    Pictures of the car


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      The buildup

      The case I used is actually a key box from Ikea. I got the idea from a member on these boards who has a thread about it in the fabrication forum. The board works great with a epia/jetway sized board for the Via processors and fits both the mobo and the M2-ATX perfectly. It's not much larger than a hard cover book and cost $8. I painted it blue to match the car and cut it up with a dremel. Couldn't be happier with this bad boy. I will say though - finding a key box in Ikea on your lunch break from work is not recommended.

      The cut out for the mobo ports

      Benchtesting the setup. You can see the LCD mounted into the 2003 navigation pocket. The door closes over the LCD (you can see more below). Getting the lcd in there was not easy and I resorted to dremeling the sides off the front half of the case and leaving the back half off.

      This is the top of the keybox. I dremeled out an area for a good case fan to circulate air around (and look all pretty with it's blue led's!) and also mounting holes for the hard drive.

      The guts all put together

      Here it is all closed up with the fan and hard drive mounted to the case.


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        In the car

        The PC is installed in the glove box which is located behind the passenger seat. The third and fourth pictures are it in there with the USB hub, all wires hooked up and the game pad.

        The slim DVD drive will go in one of the slot pockets above the glove box. There's two of these. Unfortunately, I didn't realize it used a mini usb connector when I got all my wires (the original wire it came with is like 6") so for now it's not in there. It'll be nice when it is though - easy access to it, although it won't get much use.

        Here's the D Link USB wifi adapter. The GPS and Sirius receivers are mounted behind the plastic panel this wifi adapter is on. You can't see them.

        Here's the cover over the LCD. Looks good when parked.


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          That's it. Here's some pics of the dash from different angles.


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            Dude, that's seriously a slick setup.
            Failure is not an option....

            It's installed by default on every version of Windows.


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              Thanks! Honestly, I couldn't be happier. I had installed a dell desktop in the trunk of my Maxima in 2000 and this is my first install since that one. I'm amazed how far things have come since then!


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                hmmm.. too bad youre not around here in Florida... my friend wants me to help him with his 350 but I dont know if I should take on the task or not.. it's not my car/money to be messing with so I'm a little scared to do it..


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                  350z's are real easy to work on as far as I'm concerned. This is my second one so I tear them apart pretty quickly. Best thing to do is direct - let him rip apart his dash haha.


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                    Sweet install! i love the 350z its a car i hope one day i will own!

                    Till then, il keep dreaming
                    Car: BMW e46 PC: Shuttle XP2500+ / 40gig hdd / 1024Mb DDR Ram / Nvidia6600GT / 7" OEM Looking Touch Screen, GPS, WiFi, 1 Amp, 2x10" Subs


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                      Thanks alot Cunni! This is my second one - I like them too =)


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                        Very nice. I'm a G35 man myself, but I love the Z as well. You did a great job!

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