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03 WRX Wagon Install

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  • 03 WRX Wagon Install

    Well I finally finished all the stuff I wanted. Of course things like this are never truly finished, but I thought I would post some pictures and explanations for people who are like me thinking about it, but never can find all the info they want.

    First I suppose I should give a picture of the end. And yes I realize I really need to wash my car, but I am always mountain biking and getting it dirty so I kind of gave up.

    Now that that is out of the way.

    I will let people know what I did in case they need some help or motivation.
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    Ok first the case I originally wanted the super small in dash etc.. then I realized it would b underpowered and over priced so I instead opted for microatx.

    That costs about $20 it is an enlight case.

    I hacked the front 4 inches or so off, drilled holes to mount power supply and 2.5" HDD to the side. Note the safety glasses

    Then I bought a lovely Neutrik NL4FC and the associated plate NEU-NL4MP this provided an easy way to connect power reliably thru the case in a manner that was tidy (not that you would know I care given the state of my car).

    (A low profile heatsink on a mobile CPU is fine, but much smaller than I needed).

    Now that the Case is all done I needed to pass a wire thru the firewall of the car.
    First step was to decide where to pass it thru. There is a spot under the clutch and two on the far left of the drivers foot well.

    Lower left
    I decided to use the ones on the far left b/c I didn't want to try and seal that gaping hole or cut a hole in the seal as I thought it might pop out.

    The wire will pass thru the hole for the hood release cable as the electrical tape is nigh impossible to get off or on in the tight circumstances.
    So I removed the fuse block circled in red.

    There is the entrance to the tunnel for wires

    I thought that it was an actual tunnel and tried to get a coat hangar from the inside of the car and out the green plastic access hole.

    It was very frustrating. Then I unclipped the plastic wheel covers and peered up. Sure enough there was absolutely no tunnel at all.

    My plastic wheel well liners are already kind of dinged up from driving on rough roads this last summer so I wasn't terrified of messing them up, otherwise you might want to be very careful.
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      Now the interior
      First take out the guts

      Here is the AyAy Sir GPS it is nice and slim and fits under the turbo pod cover on top of a head unit. The cable is long enough to get to passenger seat that it comes with.

      Note where the clips are holding the center console together. If you know it will be much easier to take it off without breaking it and not needing the patience of Job.

      Here are the screws holding the rest of it down once you get the top off. I ran the power wires down the drivers side and data down the passenger side to avoid interference and it seems to have worked perfectly

      I was kind of scared when I pulled the top off and thought I had accidentally lost some of the clips that hold things together but it turns out my car didn't have them. (2 were not there from the factory). I am just saying it so you don't get worried about it.

      If you are wondering about the radio and bezel this should give you an idea of the depth if you don't want to take it out to see how far the LCD needs to be recessed.

      The case has a lot of messy wires running to it.

      The floor was really messy sorry.
      The case is a bit wide. The WRX has a dish shaped space beneath the seat and you might want to cut of the corners of the plastic faceplate. You could just leave it off, but I don't want someone sticking their foot into the DVD slot. (And if you are wondering you can hook a slimline DVD drive into the case easily. I had one in, but took it out b/c it will interfere with the PCI cards. So you will need to decide which is more important or put the DVD drive somewhere else. (They have low profile wireless PCI cards that will fit under the DVD drive (not generic low profile, but even lower ones). However then you could not use a graphics card ever.

      Tucked away.

      I put the remote sensor behind the cupholder. I did not want to drill into the vent at all so I just ran it up there. And the LCD is on as well so yes it does function

      That skin is found here
      Kuo skin release for road runner.
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        Looking good - just clean - where did you get that enlight case?
        VER. 3.0- Check out below:
        車コンピュータ 3.0


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          Here is a link to the case get it while its hot

          Black Enlight Slim/Low Profile Desktop/Tower Chassis with 180W PSU, 2 USB Ports, Model: 7396AM1
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            nice install! I like the placement of the remote sensor

            I didn't seea a DVD drive? are you placing an external one anywhere?


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              Nice work,

              How is the GPS Signal from inside the dash. That is defiantly where I would like to place mine if you say it works well.


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                The GPS signal is quite good from inside the pod mount, not totally inside the dash. (In otherwords only one layer of ABS plastic is over it).

                I have a slimline DVD drive and it slides into the enlight case. The problem is my network card hits it (the drive not the bracket) so I left it out for now. If I got the really short pci network cards then the DVD drive would go right over the top, but I just wanted to leave it out for now b/c I don't use it and then I can put in a video card later if I wanted to.

                If you were happy with integrated video though like I said you could simply put the DVD drive in the case and it would fit like normal.
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                  Great work on the car dude



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                    What screen are you using sxott?


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                      Lyhtspd it is just the regular lilliput screen (with WRX mount), though to be honest I am having one issue with it now that it has gotten cold. The touchscreen is not 100% reliable and disconnects and reconnects sometimes. I need to solder it to the circuit board, but haven't gotten around to it yet as the computer works fine still.
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                        I am still debating if I want to try and cram an 8" widescreen in my dash or not. It would take some fab work. I am more worried about the height than the width. The HVAC controls may get in the way.


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                          I would recommend that if you want to try to do something more difficult try an 8.4" screen instead. Then you get a lot more value b/c there are multiple vendors offering sunlight readable 8.4" screens. For some reason they are far cheaper than 7"

                          I just got tired is all and did not want to mess about with that part and face uncertainty. I had enough of that already
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                            Originally posted by sxott View Post
                            I would recommend that if you want to try to do something more difficult try an 8.4" screen instead. Then you get a lot more value b/c there are multiple vendors offering sunlight readable 8.4" screens. For some reason they are far cheaper than 7"

                            I just got tired is all and did not want to mess about with that part and face uncertainty. I had enough of that already
                            I think an 8.4 would be too tall wouldn't it? Besides, I already have a source for an 8" 16:9 widescreen that has the transflective upgrade for less than what mp3car is selling the 7".


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                              Nice job

                              Wow I'm totely inspired thx to your forum.
                              I want to put a 7" in my car but I dident know were to put it.
                              after looking at this thread I think I got it now.. Good job nice lookin mod.

                              1997 Chrysler concord