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AvePC - Toyota Avensis 2004 & CarPC (lots of pics)

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  • AvePC - Toyota Avensis 2004 & CarPC (lots of pics)

    At first Iīd like to thank every mp3car user. I didnīt know anything about anything considering car audio when I decided to start my project.
    Anyhow, this is my short project log of my AvePC. Iīm proud of finishing this and that everything works without any major problems.
    Well, are this kind of things ever finished, I donīt know The whole project lasted over a year.

    Idea was to put a computer into my car primarily to play MP3s and secondary to use GPS. No further needs have appeared, yet.

    The car is Toyota Avensis Wagon 2.0 VVT-i 2004.

    The plan was to use my notebook as carcomputer. I live in Finland and winters can be cold in here and there are plenty of weeks Iīm not using my car at all (because of my work). So itīs just handy I can take my carcomputer easily off and take it into my house for those weeks to get some warmth. Itīs Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo A7600

    Soundcard is Soundblaster Live! 24-Bit USB.

    To connect the soundcard into my factory headunit I ordered an adapter from Germany.

    I chose the Xetec Vector 350.6 to work as my amplifier because of itīs great price-quality relation.

    I purchased Xetec ParaQ-7 Mk2 equalizer also. Actually I bought this over a year after the amplifier...

    GPS is Rikaline X5 with USB.

    Newision 7" Touchpanel LCD.

    Touchpad is Cirque Easycat and keyboard is something I donīt remember

    Subwoofer is Carpower Blackbass-10.


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    My log is not presented in chronological order but what the heck, let the mayhem begin!

    I bought lots of dampening mat to silence my dash and floor. The difference before and after can be heard easily.

    Making of the trunk:
    I decided to build my trunk all over and not to harm any of the original pieces of it.

    Subwoofer casing:
    I had some ideas to make somekind of custom case for subwoofer but I wanted to maintain the capability of the trunk to take some cargo. And traditional box styled case is so easy to remove when needed so...


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      Base plate for notebook:
      The notebook was to be placed under driverīs seat so it needed a base plate for it.

      Tray for touchpad:
      It can be turned inside of box.

      Placing the soundcard and keyboard:
      Soundblaster found itself inside the glovebox with keyboard.

      Control panel:
      To control the power of amplifier, notebook power supply and on-off button for notebook. Input jacks for line-in and headphones.

      Creating stand for LCD:
      Ok. After a long wondering I decided to make a stand for LCD. It would have been possible to mold it into dash with some work but this was my solution this time. After using this now for a while I have become attached to it because of itīs removable design. I donīt think that weeks in a cold winter would harm the screen seriously when Iīm not around but it just warms up my mind I can deattach it when not using it for a while.


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        Hey, where'd you find that keyboard? I've been looking for a small one recently.

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          The keyboard is sold in webshops all over Finland. Canīt remember the one I ordered it...


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            Damn that looks pretty sweet....very clean..
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              Some pictures of completed project:

              Comments please!


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                Very very nice install, totaly clean and for your first time doing it awsome, I'm in the process of doing my install and I though I was doing it allright but man your is good. keep the good work
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                  Thanks Perrosky. Iīm quite satisfied too. But of course there are some little details that are not so clean but thatīs life. I hope you all the best with your own project. Just believe in it


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                    I'm digging your display mount! That would be a pretty good way for us folks that live in places that get waaaay cold to mount our displays. Would defrost it pretty quick.
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                      Youīre right BarryWoods. There has not been very cold days this autumn in here yet. But one morning this week it was about -10 celcius degrees (and thatīs not even cold). I put the screen on after it being in a car over a night and it started high whining... I turned it off and let the car warm up a bit. It was okay for screen and it worked well... But when real winter comes I know Iīll take the screen inside at the evening. Putting it back on takes about 30secs so itīs worth it...


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                        That's a very unique idea for the LCD. It looks really good!

                        The fabrication work in the trunk is top notch!
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                          Hey can you post a couple close ups of the screen attach points? Yea 14F isn't too bad, still shorts weather. It's currently -23F or -30C outside right now. It hit -35F last night. It's nice having a garage!
                          Failure is not an option....

                          It's installed by default on every version of Windows.


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                            Originally posted by Anzafin View Post
                            Some pictures of completed project:

                            Comments please!
                            holy freakin crap that looks awesome!
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                              OMG!!! That is one very sweet install. I love what you have done with the screen and how clean the boot install is. Well done