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  • my amazing piece of crap

    so i finally finished installing everything, in my car. I just put it all together without cutting any expensive wires because im getting rid of the car real soon, i just wanted to test this stuff out, and i had blew my head unit up on a previous install atempt so i've been left without speakers for about a month.

    The install was flawless, after reading all about groundloops and noise issues i was very relieved when everythign came out PERFECT, no issues, except i could very easily make myself deaf

    anyway, heres my amizing ****box: 1981 honda accord

    not much to be said about it, i was a pain in the *** to get it to safety there were 4 holes in the floor i had to sheet metal over, the car was free though, from my uncle

    the computer:

    mobo: M10000
    hard disk: 80GB toshiba laptop drive
    PSU: M2-ATX
    Extra: A tv tuner card for radio, i also replaced the stock little fan with a 80mm blue one.

    The install:

    i have no monitor yet so i control the PC on blind faith and with my remote wonder 2, i have it set to boot up into my winamp playlist, from their i can use the remote to change playlist and switch to the radio, i have IGuidance loaded and a GPS reciever, just waiting for a screen. I only have 2 door speakers in the car wich the amp (i got for $60, 600W peak-125W/channel) is insanly overpowering, but it was cheap and will be put to use when i get my new car.
    Yes im younge and have no money, hence all the shadysness.

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    Hey I think you just quadrupled the value of your car!!!!

    Lol, he he he don't knock it though, some wheels is better than no wheels at all that's for sure. I remember starting out with an old Ford Capri with a ****ty 1.6 liter engine that had so much blowback it would blow the oil cap off the head if I went above 50mph and spray oil all over the engine.

    Nice case BTW.
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      Look at it this way. No one will think to rip off the equipment inside.
      Failure is not an option....

      It's installed by default on every version of Windows.


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        Originally posted by BarryWoods View Post
        Look at it this way. No one will think to rip off the equipment inside.
        Yes, that really IS my car, sad, though it may be, I'm putting a computer in it.

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          Wow... well, since this is, the car you have isn't really what anyone should be hollerin' about, but I have to say, I built an acrylic case and it looks like crap compared to yours. I don't really have great tools to work with though. Did you just do a lot of sanding... how did you get the edges to line up so nicely and what did you use to get everything to hold?

          I ended up cheating and use a handful of metal corner braces and such, all drilled to the sides, base, top of the case. Holds well though.

          Nice work


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            i just used my dads chop-saw to cut the plastic to size, then along the edges i glued it double thick with special plastic glue, it like melts the plastic together. so this way i could make sure i had ultra strong edges, then my dad had this 90 degree vice i used to keep it all together, once it was all done i realized i hadn't accounted for fan and hard drive and had to do some cutting and made it ugly other than that i counter sank everything to try and finish it off semi-pretty.

            I didn't sand anything down cause that would ruint he glossiness.


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              Nice Case!!

              @notion: Are you sure that wasn't a Ford Crapi?

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                Uh niceeeeeeeeee love the car is the an old datsun?


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                  Originally posted by G20T View Post
                  Uh niceeeeeeeeee love the car is the an old datsun?
                  No, it's an '81 Accord...

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                    Originally posted by G20T View Post
                    Uh niceeeeeeeeee love the car is the an old datsun?

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                      Nice case. The car, nothing a little wax and some armour-all cant fix.

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                        That old saying the stereo is worth more than the car..

                        that Cooling fan is worth more than the car!!!! JJ

                        My first car was a 510 Wagon, I loved that car!!!..
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                          that rocks my socks man. =) Personally, I love cars like that. They're like blank canvases. Not much you can do that won't make them a little better... not much you can do to make them worse
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                            Just think, anything you sell it for is making a profit, I say put some nice aluminum paint on the wheels, and wax it. Clean it up, and sell it for 300 bucks.