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Mazda InterplayX Hard Disk mp3 player

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  • Mazda InterplayX Hard Disk mp3 player

    This is my first HD music player i made a few years back (2002), when to buy a HDD mp3 player you needed more than $300.

    When I started the project I used Linux for the OS of the pc. The reason was that Linux can be customized in every aspect to meet my needs. But at the end I found some problems with the Linux remote control drivers, so i decide to make the pc with windows 98. I removed all the unnecessary services from the windows and i have made windows use winamp as the shell instead of explorer. In total, I stripped down windows98 to only 50MB!. I made some modifications to Windows to remove the safety warnings at startup (Scandisk - safe mode .e.t.c) so I can turn off the mp3 player instantly without shutdown the windows first.

    The lcd display -remote control - and all the info that the display can show, all are controlled from winamp(with some plugins I have found for winamp e.g LCD plugin-remote control plugin etc).

    I connected the Line out from the pc to my Sony cd player AUXin. So when I want to listen mp3s from the mp3 player, I just select source: aux-in on the sony cd player and i press the "on" button that I have put at the left of the LCD. I wait 25 seconds for the pc to load up windows and thats it.

    The pc is a P1 200mmx with 48MB ram and 80GB HDD (to hold all the mp3s I have). The pc case was taller and i cut it to take littler space on my car.

    I had experienced some problems after getting it going. For some reason the pc after 20-40 minutes turns off. I have found that the problem was that the pc was getting too hot. That because I put all the circuits (inverter-power supply-motherboard-cpu e.t.c) on one closed box and after some time it was getting very hot. I solve that problem with a turbo fan on the front of the case ( you can't see it on the photos because i put it after i tacked that photos).
    Finally that project cost me about $200.

    For more images go

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    Very nicely done! Congrats!
    If it ain't broken, open it to see what makes it "tick".


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      awsome install, i got the exact same sony, thing is indestructable(sp?)
      Im a pilot.

      I have become a cross control stall.


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        good memory come back when i saw this install using the chr lcd display

        Plan for project = 100%
        Part the project. = 100%
        Built...................= 99%
        Finish.................= 99%
        Install ...............= 99% -50%
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          Originally posted by 4u2n View Post
          good memory come back when i saw this install using the chr lcd display

          Yeah, those were the good ol' days!
          If it ain't broken, open it to see what makes it "tick".