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CarPC / InDash LCD / HU install in 1999 Toyota Avalon

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  • CarPC / InDash LCD / HU install in 1999 Toyota Avalon

    Earlier this year (2006), I installed a Xenarc MP-SC8 CarPC and Xenarc 7" touchscreen LCD in my 2005 Dodge Ram. This truck was my daily driver at the time and we used it to pull our RV.

    My wife recently got a new car and my daily driver is now her old car, a 1999 Toyota Avalon. I needed to move the CarPC to the Avalon and I wanted the ability to move it back to the truck "easily and quickly", as needed.

    Thus began "Project Avalon". The primary uses for my CarPC are:
    1. GPS Navigation / Trip Routing
    2. Email (personal and work)
    3. WWW
    4. Wi-Fi HotSpot as needed (we use this primarily when the CarPC/Mobile Router is in the truck when we are RVing)
    5. FTP upload of dash mounted (truck) IP camera images to website
    6. "Possibly" for music. My HU controls my iPod so I have access to all my tunes but when I am done with this project, I may dabble with playing music from the CarPC into the HU via the Aux-In at the Sirius tuner

    Early on, I had some OEM HU harness and DC powering questions. I asked them over at "" and got some excellent help.

    To date (30-Dec-2006), my progress is:
    • Xenarc InDash Touchscreen LCD and Alpine HU installed
    • SIR-ALP1 Sirius tuner and antenna installed
    • Motorola IHF100 Bluetooth Handsfree kit installed
    • Sure Power Battery Isolator installed
    • Aux (AGM type) battery, box, cables and 100 amp breakers installed
    • Fabricated (3/4" MDF) and installed pull-out equipment shelf in trunk
    • Pulled interconnect and DC cabling from cabin to trunk
    • Mounted CarPC, Carnetix 2140 PSU, IOGear USB Hub, 60 amp Relay and Blue Sea Systems DC Fuse Block

    So, the Alpine head unit works great as does the Motorola Hands Free kit.

    To be completed is the CarPC! Here's my to do list as of 30-Dec-2006:
    • Fasten USB Hub to shelf (probably Velcro)
    • Fabricate and install hold-down strap for CarPC (using aluminum strap)
    • Fabricate and install hold-down strap for Junxion Box Mobile Router (using aluminum strap)
    • Install switches in dash. One to hard cut power to CarPC gear (via relay) and one to toggle CarPC between ignition controlled shut-down and always-on
    • Audio, USB and Ethernet interconnects
    • Mount and wire two 12 volt outlets (1 regulated for Mobile Router and 1 unregulated for ???)
    • Some DC interconnects (USB Hub, LCD etc.) - waiting on some Anderson Power Products connectors to arrive
    • System start-up, testing, configuration and tweaking.

    Below are a few pictures of this project. I also have a growing gallery of project images at this link.

    Link to: CarPC
    Link to: Avalon Project
    Link to: RAM Cam
    Link to: Ford F550
    Link coming: Prius

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    Awsome install, love the wiring
    Im a pilot.

    I have become a cross control stall.


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      To quote the great Leonard Horatio McCoy, M.D. ie Dr. McCoy:
      "Well done, Jim"
      If it ain't broken, open it to see what makes it "tick".


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        Hey Jim,
        Looks like it's coming together nicely, kudos on the drawer looks good and clean and cant wait to see it when its nicer outside.
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          Thanks everyone. Waiting for the quick-disconnect power connectors to come in. Once they're in, I can install my dash switches, make the final DC power connections from my PSU, and finish this install! Hopefully next weekend.

          Link to: CarPC
          Link to: Avalon Project
          Link to: RAM Cam
          Link to: Ford F550
          Link coming: Prius