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1995 240SX Mac Mini Lilliput 7"

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  • 1995 240SX Mac Mini Lilliput 7"

    Here's my install in my 240sx. Lilliput screen and Powermate.

    Nissan Data Scan

    Touchpad in the center console. Came out ok.

    Pics of the dock i made.

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    That interior brings me back to my old car.. Lots of good memories, but it sure was dangerous in my hands, and 2 sets of tires a summer sure was expensive.

    I see your using the subaru bezel. My current vehicle.


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      no subaru bezel i made one out of wood. routed out a recess where the lcd panel fits almost flush


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        More pictures from the install please....


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          nothing else much to see

          What else would u like to see? There's not much to see besides the screen install. Just have the mac mini and p1900 mounted to a board in the trunk. I'm working on taking out that auto trans and putting in a 5spd.


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            Thats a S14 right? Its an s14 int. lol sorry im in Australia so I've got no clue when it comes to the u.s. naming methods. Hows the position of the screen related to the driving position? Haven't been in an s14 for ages now and can't remember how good the angle is or if its poor for seeing the screen.


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              yes its an s14. the angle up and down wise is very good. it aims straight back so its not directly at the driver but what can u expect. overall it is in a pretty good location


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                i would like to see how u got the mac in there, just curious..
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                  like i said not much to see. it's just mounted to a board with my amp and the carnetix power supply. I got a wii remote today so i can use to replace the mouse and the touchscreen which i cracked while working on this install. Screen looks much better without it anyway. I'm having trouble finding things i need to use all the buttons for. I'm loving it so far. I don't think you can use the motion sensing yet but it probably wouldn't work well in the car anyway. Using a program called remote buddy to map the buttons.


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                    volume knob?

                    what did you use for the volume knob... i had the same idea, wasnt sure if the powermate could fit?



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                      Updated Pics

                      Here's some new pics of my install. Finished off the screen bezel. Looks much better now. Also some of the dock i'm making. I will be using a small solenoid to press the power button. I take my mini out quite often so the y-cable thing was not working. Dock looks pretty crude right now but it is very sturdy. Just need to add on the stereo cable. I have a usb hub under the center console so i only put one usb cable in the dock. It would just be one more thing to get aligned and if i want to add more later that is what a dremel is for. nyway here goes the pics.


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                        that's a thing of beauty man!
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                          thanks. im waiting on another hazard switch which i will use to turn on the p1900 via a relay and a defrost switch which will send momentary power to the solenoid. I can put them in the blank spots i highlighted. it should look very oem like. just need to decide what i want to put on the switches to indicate what they are.


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                            Buttons for P1900 and Mini power button

                            Got the new buttons and hooked them up.Extra hazard switch for remote signal for the P1900 and Defrost button to send power to the solenoid that presses the power button on the mini. Working good. Any suggestions for the look of the buttons. i.e. designs


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                              New video

                              Here's the buttons in action. Any ideas for what to do for labels for the buttons would be appreciated.