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1986 Jaguar XJS - COMPLETED 21 June 2008

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  • 1986 Jaguar XJS - COMPLETED 21 June 2008

    December 29th 2006 Recently I have a purchased beautiful 1986 Jaguar XJS. This is the first step to starting my next car project. This is just the start to a long project would be great to get some ideas, pointers, guidance and experiences from others.
    Cost and Parts Log
    (1) $**** - Car (The Beginning)
    (2) $200 - Car Transportation (Driving it home from Michigan to Wisconsin) gas, munchies, gas for my dad's truck You know, and of course stopping at the bar on the way. A 15 hours of driving in one day can be a little frustrating especially in a snow storm.
    (3) $57 - Power Steering Hose
    (4) $67 - Brake Pads
    (Now it is road worthy and one Beautiful ride)
    (5) $220 - Computer (Dell SX260 P4 2.6ghz, 1gb Ram 40gb HD)
    (6) $135 - Carnetix P2140 Power Regulator
    (7) $295 - Lilliput In dash Motorized VGA Touch Screen with Radio and TV (Took a ****) 4 april 2007 looking for new screen now and a way to repair this one
    (8) $35 - Cables
    (9) $16 - Buttons and Switches
    (10) $57 - 23FEB2008 Ripped Cable DAMNIT Holux GPS Antenna
    (11) $289.94 - DEAD February 15 2008 Phylon 7" Touchscreen, ditching the lilliput
    (12) $94.95 - Boss DVD5000B Indash DVD/CD/MP3/AM/FM (Ebay Bargain)
    (13) $275.00 - Lilliput 629 2008
    (14) $125.00 - Visteon HD Radio
    (15) $25.00 - HD Radio Cable
    (16) $40.00 - Global Sat BU353 GPS Reciever
    (17) $12.00 - Vinyl Upholstery for dash
    (18) $22.00 - Headliner
    (19) $20.00 - Bondo for dash

    (20) Priceless - Time Planning and Installation

    Installation instruction on installing a Dell SX260 or SX270 in your car using a carnetix p2140 power supply

    15 February 2007 Got The Car

    The Dash Before

    02 APRIL 2007 The O.E. Stereo Removed

    As you have seen I got the Stereo out today but due to lack of an available service book or wiring diagram it (seems that 1986 is the only year haynes, chilton or even alldata has no information for wiring on a 1986 jaguar XJS haynes doesnt even have a repair manual for it thank god for alldatapro) took a little while to find out what all the wires went to. About an hour actually. Seems this is all I had time for today. Tommorrow will be much more productive since it is my last day off of work.
    03 April 2007 In Dash Lilliput Installed and Removed
    After lots of struggles and trial my lilliput died during testing after installation. It worked great for about an hour then decided not to come out any more. Took it apart and checked it out. Found nothing. Ditching it for now
    05 April 2007 Ordered New Screen
    I order my new screen today from logic supply. Should be here next week. Not an in dash but I will fab a housing for it which will mount to the dash. You wont even know it doesnt belong. (I hope)

    28 April 2007 Ordered New Dash Head Unit
    Install nearly complete now, after removing the jaguar stock head unit I decided to pick up an indash DVD head unit so that I could expand on one more capability. I also was not too impressed with the jaguars reception or sound. Anyway, the next adventure will be new speakers and it should be complete then.
    Pictures still to come.

    2 April 2007
    Carnetix power supply died. Didnt actually completely kill but no matter what, it thought the ignition was on and inturn keeping the computer on. Talked to mike from carnetix and he said he would repair it. So it is out for repair. Cant wait to get it back.

    10 May 2007 Got New Head Unit
    I purchased a Boos DVD5000B head unit. Great in dash DVD player with out screen. Will share my phylon touchscreen with the computer. My screen has 4 video inputs including VGA. The DVD player has 3 outputs along with audio input, AM FM tuner, VCD/MP3/Text CD/DVD support. Cant wait to install it.

    11 May 2007 Head Unit Installed
    Installed the head unit today. Very tight install due to all the cables that come off the back but I managed to make it fit. It works great and is everything I expected. Quite a bargain at about $95.00. All is set and ready for use. The computer will be installed next weekend. Then my install will be completed. For the most part. Still contemplating a few ideas for the Screen bezel that will have to be fabricated.
    Also got an email from mike at carnetix and my power supply will be delivered tommorrow according to the fedex tracking number.

    23 May 2007 PROJECT COMPLETED (For Now)
    Pictures Below showing in order
    (1) Carputer installed under driver seat
    (2) Accessory Battery Isolated from main car battery when ignition is off
    (3) View From Back Seat
    (4) Screen Display Using Road Runner and my own Drop Skin
    (5) The Head Unit I used

    Been a while since I did anything with the car being satisfied with what I had. now since I have made a new skin for road runner I also decided to work on screen placement. I wanted the cables concealed so now it is mounted in front of the Heater vent (heater vent has been modified to accomodate this). The cables run in to the vent and down to the computer, completely concealing them.
    The dash will also be modified with a custom bezel for the screen.
    Pictures will follow when I am satisfied with the modification.

    01 June 2008 Project update
    Major steps have been taken towards a custom made dash. It is nearing completion now and I must say it is looking pretty sharp.
    There will be no pictures until it is complete. I must be honest this is my first major project with fiberglass and bondo and it is definitely a learning process. But in the end I am expecting a super high quality job and I will not stop until it I am 100% satisfied.
    Trust me, this is my car and it will look good.

    21 June 2008 Project Damn Near Done - Dash moslty completed pics posted below, still wanting to cover in vinyl. I used a spray rubber coating in the mean time. Not as pretty as the vinyl I want to use, but will do for now until it is back in stock.
    I have made the screen removable because screen dont seem to last too long with me for some reason. Refer to the above, I have had 3 screens allready. I doubt this will be my last.

    15 JUNE 2009
    Re-did the dash because it was FUGLY. REmove the hump and the USB Hub on top of the screen. Embedded the screen farther in to the dash. Working on vinyl covering for upholstering the dash.
    Attached Files
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    Cool, looking forward to it. I have a similar car and will watch closely your progress.

    Good Luck!!


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      SOrry for the delays still trying for a good plan to place my screen. My planned in dash setup will not work due to limited space in between shifter and dash. In dash wont work either to much stuff to move around. I think I will fabbing the dash to fit a screen.
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      New Age Slider - RR SKin In Progress
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        I have an 95' XJ6 VDP and having the same problem with the console. To many things has to be moved around. Shifter is way to close.
        I'm thinking to use the space between the center vents(reducing the lenght of the vents to two small once and the screen in the center.


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          Mine has two vents side by side with now room to install much at all. I am afraid of installing above the dash since this will restrict my view of the road. But left with out a choice this is my plan of attack for now. In my 85 XJ6 I removed the stock car computer that came with it (tracked fuel usage and milage, didnt work anyway) Wich gave me room for the screen. This was perfect. But with this XJS the dash space is limited to what it is. So above the dash I will be fabbing a housing for a screen. I thought of installing the screen in to the sunvisor but was not interested in a screen that close to my face, especially when I am driving.
          Anyway, good luck with your project keep us updated
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          New Age Slider - RR SKin In Progress
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            I will be going with the indash motorized screen. There really is no other option for me. I dont want a screen blocking my view of the road. I will be using a toggle switch to keep the radio from turning on if the screen is not in the up position. This will keep the screen from coming out until I want it to. The problem was that if the screen did come out automatically it would hit the shifter when the car is in park. NOT GOOD.
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            New Age Slider - RR SKin In Progress
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              After tons of dissapointment with my motorized lilliput, I ditched that idea and went ahead and purchased a different screen. Phylon 7" Touch screen I had two of these screens before in two different cars and was very impressed. They were branded differently (dynamix) but they are the same. Great feature includes Auto on/off Lilliput doesnt offer this and Xenarc does but they are a bit pricey. After reading a lot of reviews and comments about lilliputs I couldnt see purchasing one. So I went with what I know works and works well.
              I bought it from logic supply here is the link $289.94 shipped, not a bad deal at all.
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              New Age Slider - RR SKin In Progress
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                Hope it works out ok. Looks like a tough one.
                Mike M
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                  vintage meets new, gr8 work so far, keep it up looking forward to the end result


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                    sucks about the screen


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                      Originally posted by spoonmastertb33 View Post
                      sucks about the screen
                      Friggin lilliput, should have expected this. Anyway, project on hold till I get a new screen and complete plans for the alternative installation. Plan B since Plan A failed. Hope I dont need a Plan C.
                      I will be going to a hobby store to pick up my needed supply hopefully tommorrow morning. Probably a lot of balsa wood, laminate and glue. With hopes to make it blend in with the real wood dash. Hopefully I can find matching laminate and help in this area would be great.
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                        Ok I got a good plan now and I am just waiting for the screen. The screen will mount to the upper dash but will hang down over the center vent. There are three vents here a left, center and right. It will onlly cover the center one and I can do with out it. This will l also keep it from blocking any view of the road I have. If mounted to the top of the dash I would loose approximately 20% of the "road viewability". NOT GOOD
                        It will mount to the dash using a custom housing I will have to make. Shouldnt be too hard. One single cable will run along the bottom of the windshield and hidden under a rubber strip. Keeping the cable un noticable. I decided this to prevent drilling a hole in the dash. Parts for this car are damn near impossible to replace and if I decide to remove this computer setup I want as little repair as possible to do.
                        The housing I will build will atach to the dash with only two screws ideally and will be able to be removed very easily. When completed, I hope to have one bad *** looking setup. Looks good in my head now anyway.
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                          dont forget to take pics of the install


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                            the car looks in great condition! G'luck with the install!


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                              PIcs will be available as progress or mistakes are made. Even disasters, I will take some pics of the dead lilliput to post. As it is part of the log.
                              Anyway thanks for your interest in my project..
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                              New Age Slider - RR SKin In Progress
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