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Basically done.. 2007 accord coupe

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  • Basically done.. 2007 accord coupe

    Its been running for about 2 months now.
    I used media engine as my front end mostly but i am now on road runner.

    Its all inside this

    Here is my basic setup design wise.

    Here is the PC behind the rear seat inbetwwen the seat and the sub box.

    Also note the linksys wireless is on the rear shelf.

    Here is the xenarc 700tsv in the lower cubby hole under the factry radio whic i still use with the AUX in for the PC audio.

    Here is what it started as. The honda kit to add the OEM mp3 player ad the screen.

    This is the amp rack and inverter setup with a relay to power the pc on and off.

    All the pics can be seen here.

    Props to Car2pc for making such a cool adapter so i can still use my steering wheel controls for the carPC.
    I have i-guidance but i have yet to install the GPS receiver.
    The pc is a 1.7ghz, 768mb ram DDR pc2700, 250gb hard drive 3.5 IDE. All of the audio components are by Rockford Fosgate.
    To top it off i have installed a realyl nice 2 way pager car alarm system.. just in case. But for the most part it is a stealth install i think.
    This thread title says "basically done" well we all know how done a carPC ever is....
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    Looks good man!
    Mike M
    2006 Accord VP Sedan

    My worklog


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      awsome job!!, wish icould do something like that to mine
      Im a pilot.

      I have become a cross control stall.


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        wow wow wow

        wow man,
        this is the nicest outcome of a project i have seen on any accord. i own a 2006 coupe and been browsing projects to see what i would like to do. I must say that yours is a real success, it looks awsome.

        can you tell me where you got the double DIN kit, i need one but i can only find the singloe din.

        thank you


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          I bought the kit from my Honda dealer. It was $89 i think.

          The part # is 08B06-SDA-101A labeled PLAYER ATT accord 4d.
          But mines a coupe and im sure the 4d and 2d are same dash pieces.
          It shows as a single DIN with pocket but it comes un assembled as shown above.
          Its a little bit bigger than my screen but it works for me and i can remove it if i ever need to easily. + The tilt angle is perfect for front seat passengers to see the screen.
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            Hey man i have just been searching for something like a Nav unit for my 06 accord im limited to only using the cd cubby space and then i found this thread. This pc unit looks amazing i was wondering if you still have pictures that you could send me, since i know this thread is dated and the pictures have been removed.thanx


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              Sure..whats your email.. i have a few..
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                MY email is [email protected]. I started looking into this and seems like the actually computer system would be way over my head but, i would love to know the casing u used and lcd u used and the hook up and stuff for the cubby space. I would probably just use this as a basic Nav/radio and so on if i were to do it the pc would be great but i dont think i could handle the challenege