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  • Toyota Soarer project


    I'm nearing completion of phase1 of my carpc project. The aims were to replace the factory headunit & cd-changer with a pc & touchscreen. Initially it would provide just the following:-

    1) Stored Media (Audio, Video, etc)
    2) Navigation
    3) Full connection to factory amps & speakers
    4) Factory-like integration into the car

    I have one more job left to do and that's to wire in the sub-amp.

    Here's some pics of the project so far...


    CarPC in boot area

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    o_O nice job. Keep the pics coming!
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      Ok, more pics...

      The PC is a P3/1Ghz Arcom Olympus motherboard, EBX form factor. This is installed into the cd-changer chassi. PSU is a M1-ATX.

      It has a 60G 2.5" IDE hard drive and a 384meg compact flash. The compact flash isn't running at the moment, but it has XP Embedded installed on it.

      The OS is Windows XP, booting off the IDE.

      It did have 512Meg RAM but I reduced this to 256Meg to reduce hibernation time.

      It's running a Soundblaster Audigy SE because it was the lowest profile sound card I could find.

      Here's some photos of early fitment, minus the sound card.


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        The screen is a NEC NL6448BC20-08 6.5" 4x3 LCD. It was *exactly* the right size to replace my 2.5DIN headunit.

        It's connected via an Arcom DVI digital interface via a seperate DVI cable. The power and ground runs over standard cd-changer wiring.

        It's a great pin-sharp display but could be a bit brighter on sunny days. However, we don't get many of them in UK so it's ok

        The touchscreen controller is Arcom TSC1 connected to the PC via the cd-changer wiring.


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          Amplifier wiring was straightforward, however, I needed to use ground loop isolators to remove interference from the pc's systems.

          It's running RoadRunner using the Simplistique skin which I'm going to modify for 4x3 usage. It's also using iGuidance Europe but I'm dead keen to use PC Navigator once they patch it to make it work with RoadRunner.


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            very nice, I really like the screen, looks perfect for the dash, very OEM.
            Also brilliant job on building the computer in the defunct cd changer in the trunk boot

            very very clean and well thought out.
            My Install

            CFiG v1
            iGuidance Plugin for CF

            Working shell for a CarPC

            StopWatch plugin remade for centrafuse RC1


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              That looks awesome OEM. Great job.
              Mike M
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                ditto on the cd changer comp case. Nice work!


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                  ya nice job on the whole car


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                    Thx for the kind comments guys. A neat OEM look was my number one priority.

                    Phase 2 will begin sometime next month. On the agenda..

                    * Buy one of those silabs USB radios & integreate into the factory window-mounted antenna
                    * Fit my USB Wifi card with a hidden antenna
                    * Add a switch to the main PC unit to allow it to be powered up without the ignition key
                    * Add a switch to the main PC to prevent the screen from turning on
                    * Modify the RoadRunner skins for 4x3 and for usability

                    Phase3 and beyond (later in the year)
                    * Integrate cars sensors
                    * External temperature sensor
                    * Accelerometer
                    * Reverse sensors


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                      very nice...I was going to do the same for my my motherboard, but I mounted mine behind the monitor.

                      let me know if you get the reverse sensor thing working, I'd be interested in doing the same...
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                        I have been thinking of engaging in this carpc hobby for a while now as the benefits are longlasting.
                        I have a 93 lexus sc400
                        I must say BEEZER you have done almost everything I have been planning for my car.
                        I absolutely love your setup.
                        If you don't mind I will be picking your brain in the near future. No need to reinvent the wheel-- and I am very much a novice at this sort of thing.
                        You might have the best looking setup I have seen yet- At least for our cars

                        How did you get the trim going around the screen?

                        Any reason not ot go with the lilliput 7" as it is under half the price?

                        How does your sound system sound- That is the main thing for me
                        What kind of sound system are you running? Does your sound card work fine or would you prefer something different
                        I would have something like the original front speakers and tweeter ran off of an amp, prob new rears and orig sub running off factory amp + add a 12" punch sub with appropriate amp all running from crossover- from the sound card-- I THINK!?! Is this how it will work?

                        How will you handle the am/fm? Is there a good card for this. Do you just plug your antennae into the card?

                        Have you thought about a tv tuner card with the am/fm card? Run an antennae to it and pick up a channel or two?

                        I did not see a cd/dvd player? Any thoughts. I want to put a slide-in CD/DVD writer fabricated in the slot where you have the vertical cup holder? wouldn;t that be cool and really accessible?

                        Do you have input ability to hook up something like an xbox or playstation? and if so how would the electrical current draw work? could the car run all of the electronics?

                        Did you consider bluetooth and hands free phone integration?

                        Enough questions for now I will have plenty more later ( if you don;t mind)

                        Again Thank you for doing this as this is the best I have seen



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                          Hey Beezel

                          what did you do with the Volume control knob? just useless. Is there a way to put a very small track ball(with some fabrication) in place of the volume knob?

                          Has anyone seen anyhwere of anyone using an ipod as a hard drive booting from it and storing their songs on the ipod- then it is also still accessible to take with you

                          A couple of the sc install son here are pretty good as well


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                            Sorry for late reply on this.

                            The trim is made by shaping from plywood, applying a small amount of plastic filler, sanding & spraying. Its purely decorative so is stuck on with double sided stickey tape. The actual screen is firmly mounted to a home made chassis.

                            I was considering a lilliput, but I found a GREAT deal on ebay that included the all the kit you see here except the psu. Someone was selling an industrial pc & had really screwed up the auction writeup. I got it for about 100 ($200).

                            The system sounds awesome. Much better than the standard Panasonic headunit (Pioneer for USA, but exactly the same spec?).

                            The PC has a Soundblaster Audigy SE wired into the standard amps via ground-loop isolators. These are essential because I got a lot of noise before the sound card drivers load. The standard sound system was pretty good - tweeters + full range in the front doors, 10" sub + components in the rear parcel shelf, 4 channel amp + sub amp.

                            AM/FM isn't handled at the moment, but I have prepared for it. I've bought USB to the front of the car behind the screen. The standard antenna wiring terminates there too. I'm getting a silabs USB radio receiver which will live here.

                            I've no interest in tv in the car at present.

                            cd/dvd player was low on the list of priorities considering its got a large hard drive.

                            I couldn't easily hook up an xbox or playstation unless I got a tv card for tv-input. Playing games whilst I'm driving isn't high priority for me.

                            yes I have considered bluetooth integration and its on the list of things to do. I have the BT dongle here & am experimenting with software.

                            Volume control knob is currently not wired, but this is on my list of things to do. I've got several ideas about this at present and will experiment to see what's best.

                            I don't have an ipod.


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                              great install

                              well great install
                              thanks for the reply
                              Keep me informed on what you do with that volume knob