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My volvo s60 and carpc

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  • My volvo s60 and carpc

    Images of my carpc in my volvo s60.

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    Interesting concept; it's a neat way of installing the screen. Do you disconnect it and pack it away when not in your car or do you just leave it there; seems prone to thefts if it stays?

    Does the fabrication of the base hold it firm? How about bumpy roads, etc.?

    Nice job.
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      I'm really not a fan of the screen installed that way, it just looks wrong to me.

      Other than that it looks like you did a very nice job, although I might not like the look of it, you did a very clean installation all around. Good work.


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        Wow, great job there! Looks like my S60R install, kinda. Does the screen move up and down or do you just have it up sitting there? Also, didn't you have a center channel in that space b4, what did you do with that?

        Oh and spoonraker, PS thats where the stock nav goes too! It may not look all that cool to you but its VERY convenient when driving (i.e. you don't have to take your eyes off the road to look at the screen).


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          Very much like your install. Screen seems to be mounted about the same way the S60's nav screen would be mounted.

          As a next phase I would probably just try to get the screen to open and close the way that the nav screen would.

          Just my opinion.


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            I strongly support the way of mounting like this. It is more comfortable to read. And also more comfortable than reading ORIGINAL instruments. I think it is easier for the eyeball to move righ/left than down/up.
            Since I displayed the speedometer on-screen I have not watched that 'old-fashioned analogous thing ' in the middle of the dashboard...
            When my computer is off (on short-distance trips) it is a growing pain for my eyes to check the pointer continously to hold the speed limit.

            I never understand, how somebody can drive and watch the display down at the same time. Obviously, it looks more professional, but it think it is dangerous, too.
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              now if it were to slide up and down or something, that'd be insane

              still, very nice install.


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                specs on the pc? and what frontend are you running?


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                  Doesn't that stick too high and obstruct your view of the road?
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                    Still doesn't look right to me. It's not the placement, it's the execution.

                    The screen just looks like it doesn't belong, doesn't look like it's supposed to be there. The edges of the mounting plate are just, well, they need a little more work; smooth them out a little, and I think it will be fine.

                    I agree that as a second attempt, I'd try to make a hinge system that folds the screen down when not in use. It wouldn't be that hard to do either.

                    Now, I'm not trying to be negative, I'm trying to give some constructive criticism.
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                      how much is that PC? thanks


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                        Mounted my space navigator in center panel



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                          I think it looks good, and definitely agree that it would be easier to see where it sits.

                          I also think that it would be better if the screen could fold down or hide in someway (motorized or not). That would make it draw less attention to thieves, and add to the cool factor .

                          That space navigator thingy looks sweet sitting there, it almost looks stock.

                          Ok, so lets get some specs on your system!


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                            Wow, back from the dead LOL. The console placement looks awesome. Wish I had that much room in my V70 console.
                            Dan from Minneapolis
                            1999 Volvo V70R
                            Jetway J7F2WE2G, USB Creative Soundblaster, RoadRunner, Holux BT GPS, 3M Capacitive Lilliput, etc.


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                              awesome dude, you have any plans to motorize the screen so its like the stock nav.