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95 Eagle Talon Tsi AWD carputer

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  • 95 Eagle Talon Tsi AWD carputer

    Hey I will use this thread to show my work in progress..

    The car:
    Its a 1995 Eagle talon Tsi AWD (turbo), car has some minor mods
    -Upgraded clutch (act2100)
    -Hard Upper intercooler pipe
    -1st Gen BOV
    -Boost, Oilpressure, Air/fuel (aka light show) gauges
    -Boost raised to 15Psi

    -97+ eclipse conversion (front end only... i like my talons rear )
    -Projector headlights
    -Amber OEM style fogs
    -Sparco SPrint racing seat (drivers only for now)

    Hope to do a small turbo upgrade (14b.. 1stgen talon turbo) as soon as the carputer is done.

    Anyyyyy ways on to the PC.

    -P3 600 MHZ (Slot type CPU-fanless)
    -512 MB PC133 memory
    -13gb hard drive (hope to upgrade one day int he future.. but for now this is enough)
    -Regular size DVDrom (very old.. from like 1999 or some thing)
    -M2-ATX 160 watt DC-DC power supply
    -BU-353 USB GPS receiver
    -7" lilliput EBY701 screen
    -OBDII data logging

    Front end:
    Currently Centrafuse, But may switch over to Road Runner.. just waiting for a skin to fit my needs
    I orignally planned on using a Xenarc screen, and actually bought an empty case for one and molded it into an extra radio bezel was also covered in carbon fiber (real), but ended up getting the lilliput because of cost and budget.

    I think it was for the best because that was very rushed..

    Though this new bezel doesn't look as great, its good enough

    Heres a picture of the interior (NOT MINE.. but similar)

    but you can see where the screen will go.. its made for a PC

    as far as progress goes.. I am almost done, I got all my parts ordered, screen bezel made... most of the wiring int he car done. just got to make a case and throw it in the car..But I accidentally shorted out a USB card, so now i need another card
    though thats not super important as it still has 2 on board USB slots

    Thats all for now, I hope to have pictures of what I have now soon, Just got to find a camera

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    Heres a small update... finally got around to test fitting the screen/bezel i made..


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      looks good, I had my CarPC all in and ended up taking it all back out, and now I'm watching your project for some ideas =)

      stock black leather seats are soooo much better then the racing ones though, trust me, I converted my RSs interior to a 1998 anniversary editions black on black leather interior tres chic! I got pix if you'd like to see them.
      Dynamix 7" LCD Touchscreen Monitor
      VIA Epia M10000 Motherboard
      Samsung 40 gig 2.5" Hard drive
      Slimtype LSC-24082K DVD/CDRW
      1024MB DDR RAM
      Morex 3688 case w/ psu


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        I wouldnt mind the stock seat, but my seat broke, and needed some thing quick..
        Though the sparco seat is not comfy on long distances, but it feels great.. really "hugs" me. plus its super light compared to the stock seat.
        Weight savings is always a plus, especially now that i got a bunch of junk going in the trunk (carputer)


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          not to cluster your thread up with non PC talk, but do you plan on dropping in a 6bolt, maybe a DSM Link or eve a mega squirt? I have a non-turbo factory car with a after market turbo kit, so my options are a bit more limited (Either HAHN's port fueler or mega squirt) so I'm going MS with the hook up to my carputer for tuning.... I need to start a work log and hammer out some pictures.

          Where do you plan on putting the PC? in the trunk, in the glove box, under the seat? I had a small epia (sp?) M1000 under the seat ad a 7" dynamix screen above where my center vents used to be, now I have an in dash non VGA on touch screen.... that I pla on removing and putting hte dynamix guts in the in dash case, we'll see how that goes.
          Dynamix 7" LCD Touchscreen Monitor
          VIA Epia M10000 Motherboard
          Samsung 40 gig 2.5" Hard drive
          Slimtype LSC-24082K DVD/CDRW
          1024MB DDR RAM
          Morex 3688 case w/ psu


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            I still have the 7 Bolt, and plan to keep it as long as possible. As for DSM link, i dont think i need it yet, im still pretty stock In fact I just recently sold my Eprom ECU to get the car fixed
            For now, im just using the carputer for data logging (going to try the EvoScan software thats in the OBDII section).. Eventually I would like to get DSM link, but im fine for now.

            The computer is going in the trunk, as its not a small form factor. It is in a regular stripped tower.. Hopefully after i get some more money i will get a custom sub box/false floor to cover the wires, and the computer.
            sort of like this