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  • HondApple Civitosh - Muy Clean

    I've been keeping a worklog over on my website, but a buddy pointed out that I should put one here as well.

    The car this is installed in is a 2005 Honda Civic LX Coupe. My first car and my baby.

    Things here will seem to zoom very quickly, but in fact these photos span close to three months. Most of the computer work went very quickly and has happened within the past week.

    Planned for a long time, then built. It has worked out well so far.

    The idea is as follows: when the system is totally off, you can barely tell it exists. That is how clean the install has to be. It's coming together so far, but enough words, on to the pics.

    The prototype dash drawings I made:

    Basic wiring diagram, I ended up changing this later on.

    Since the wood junk that comes with the car was all well... junky, I rebuilt the entire trunk floor and made a permanent mount for the subs.

    Yes, it has a "secret" compartment which I store some stuff in and lets me get to my spare without taking anything out. Very useful.

    Version one of the compartment door:

    I have since connected the two panels together, which reduces vibrations and helps make it more secure back there.

    About this time, I discovered a terrible buzzing in my front speaker, so Darius and I ripped them door panels off and fashioned some gasket-spacers from some thick rubber stuff. Not only did it stop the buzzing (which was just some wires bouncing around), it improved sound quality.

    Sorry for the poor picture, moisture was setting in fast.

    During the week, the monitor came. It is the lilliput touch screen job from A computer power supply and some alligator clips, and we were in business.

    the frontend here is AMP

    The weekend came, and it was back to getting the speakers to stop buzzing and rattling. In a 7th gen civic, to get to the rear speakers you have remove just about everything. Here is Darius posing with the naked interior.

    While we were at it, we cleaned up the wiring for the amp

    notice the blue audio wires there, those get changed later.

    The guys who had installed my surround speakers (infinitis) totally tore up my back deck:

    This is what my dash area looked like before the monitor

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    Unfortunately, the lilliput doesn't support ISO mounting, so we had to make our own crazy mounting system using the stock bracket and some sheet metal.

    the obligatory dew shot

    the completed mounts, well almost. This entire setup still needs work, but it works for now.

    Just a quick view of how much shtuff is jammed into the dash area

    Now, on to the shock mount. This is actually the near final version. The first version was literally some shock cord and a cardboard box with lots of duck tape. I forgot to take pictures of it, but your imagination could probably fill that in.

    Here is the near final version, just needing some final road testing.

    (notice the new audio wires going to the amp)

    This is the top of that mount, my camera didn't like the light so you'll have to bear with it

    The bottom of the mount

    The power side of the trunk has the inverter and all the circuitry to handle crank and auto-turning on the inverter and such.

    Now, back up to the dash. Here is everything off.

    The glove box has the USB hub and extension RCAs for the video-in on the lilliput. (still having some issues here, but more on that after the pics)

    All on, the video likes changing resolution on me. I just have to write some applescripts or something. My camera doesn't like chromey things in the dark

    Of course, the branding.

    So what is left? Plenty.

    There are still some goofy touchscreen issues. The computer doesn't seem to like the touchscreen turning on and off, so I'll lose the touchscreen under some strange circumstances. To solve this, I have to reset some USB stuff or just make the computer turn on after the monitor is on.

    The iPod adapter for my head unit isn't working. I have no clue why. I want it so that I can listen to music without required my computer to be on, and so that I can plug in anybody's ipod without dealing with any "this ipod is synced..." nonsense.

    GPS is just not there yet. I have the unit, I just have to install it and get it working again.

    The bracket that is holding the head unit and monitor in place still needs some work. I may have to get access to a CNC and just make one from scratch. I also have to adjust the face plate, since the head unit's face can't flip down.

    In the trunk, I still have to add panels to conceal the computer and power areas. These will probably be hinged. I am not entirely sure.

    Wifi. I just can't get any. The computer is in the trunk with oodles of shielding around it. I need to find a sharkfin (ideally) antenna that doesn't require me to drill into the body. I am just not ready for that yet.

    It is very close to done. I would say I am about 95% complete. It is useable, but still has too many quirks to be called done; then again, when is something like this ever done. One can always find something to improve and tinker with.

    I will be developing my own front end, as some of the control schemes in AMP are just too unsafe for my tastes. It is not as intuitive as it could be; I have to actually look at the screen.

    I have a some more pictures at my gallery on my site:

    Here are the stats as they stand right now:

    • Infiniti Surrounds
    • Pioneer DEH-7700MP with RCA and iPod adapters
    • Two 12" Audiobahn subwoofers
    • Soundstorm 1200 Watt 2 channel amp
    • 1.5 Farad Capacitor

    • 12" Powerbook G4 (1.5 GHz) with 1.25 GB RAM
    • iMic USB soundcard
    • Lilliput 7" indash motorized touch screen monitor
    • USB 2.0 Hub (garbage radio shack brand)
    • 110 Watt power inverter
    • AMP frontend

    A multitude of thanks goes to my good friend Darius who got me into this whole car computer stuff and helped me along the way, my neighbors for putting up with us working until 3am for several nights in a row and my father for the use of all of his tools.

    Any feedback is much appreciated.


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      Very nice install; clean. I sure know what you mean in regards to the cabling in the dash as I have got the same yr/make/model.

      The branding is nice (even though its a mac ) and I like the how it lights up. However, to me thats just helps out the window shoppers to your setup...
      Progress: 91% (Cosmetics) @ Stand Still...
      CarPC specs are BACK!! Edit yours today...


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        Mr_Civic: I put the sticker on within the first week I bought the car. Now I just deserve it

        I think I figured out how to make the touchscreen "survive" when the computer sleeps or when the touchscreen is put away. I do not yet understand why this works, but it seems to.

        Plug a mouse in.

        I have a wireless mouse receiver attached to the USB Hub, and now, it all works just fine.

        I'll figure out why eventually.


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          I am testing how the seals around the trunk can handle having a wire running between them. I've covered the electronics with plastic and a towel so we'll see how it goes.


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            I've finally gotten around to wiping the computer in my car, and rebuilding it completely on the software side.

            I've gotten GPS to work. I can see where I was.

            Why "was"? Because the heading, speed, and position datums are delayed by ~10 seconds. I am going to be talking to the people who made my gps dongle to see why this is happening.

            I also haven't gotten the display to be the proper resolution, but I have the software to do it, it is just a matter of getting it to work.

            Almost done. I'll have some more pics soon.