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99 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP CarPC Project

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  • 99 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP CarPC Project

    B & D 400w continuous power inverter
    HP D530 SFF desktop (w/security/mounting sleeve)
    Pentium IV 2.66Ghz Processor
    512mb RAM (4gb max)
    40GB HD (if/when it dies it will bet a bigger one)
    Windows XP Pro
    Microsoft office (Standard Edition)
    Linksys wireless A/B/G PCI Card with external magnetic mount 7db high gain antenna
    Xenarc 700TSV touch screen
    LG DVD RW drive with lightscribe (soon to be mounted in dash)
    Pyle PLMD9 110ch wired FM transmitter (with extended digital display and wireless remote)
    Iguidance 3.1 car pc version with usb magnetic mount GPS antenna (to be bought when 3.1 comes out in a month or so)
    Digital Horsepower Inc. PowrTuner Hardware & Software (obd II scanner & PCM - Reader, Editor, Programer, Flash Utility)
    various other programs etc...

    So far I have the Security Sleeve/mount installed in trunk as well as the CPU and power inverter. I also have all the cables routed and ran up to the passenger footwell under the below:

    under the cpu is the 400w inverter. The PC has a 185w power supply. The green plug is a grounded extension cord I ran to the front to custom install a wall outlet in the passenger side of the center console up by the dash. The red loom is where the wires are routed...they go over to the passenger side lower corner of the trunk and follow the factory wiring along the door edge up to the front passenger footwell. I used 15ft extension and have about 4-5 ft left to work with at the front so plenty of room to run wires over to drivers side as needed. I put a master power switch for the inverter and a momentary switch for the pc power switch in the dash mounted on a black plastic pannel in front of the coin cubby hole on the left hand side of the steering wheel...master power switch is rated at 30 amps... power and ground wires are 12 guage wire. Automatic reseting circuit breaker 30 amp is wired in just before the power invertor (you can see it its wires are yellow). The inverter has a low voltage shutdown feature and will be wired to the accessory terminal under the hood...I had specific reasons for using an invertor as I need to retain the ability to plug the PC into AC current from the house for flashing (tuning) updates to my cars PCM without risking running the battery down and toasting the pcm.

    Here is a pic of the magnetic wifi antenna mounted on the trunk lid...the light colored wire in the above pic is the antenna wire that still needs routed and secured.

    Questions...ask away...I will answer them as I have the time

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    what kind of monitor are you using, and can I see the install pics?



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      Originally posted by valerka View Post
      what kind of monitor are you using, and can I see the install pics?

      XENARC 700TSV

      XENARC mounted

      And before you ask...YES I can see the DIC from the drivers seat and can still reach the TCS off switch (just have to reach underneath the screen to turn it on/off. how...well there are only 3 small holes in the dash piece...the round cylinder doesn't go through it. After removeing the dash trim piece I noticed the air vent module is plastic welded in I got my gas soldering iron out, melted the plastic holding it in and removed the vent module. Next I made a template of the screw pattern, laid it on the trim piece and drilled the holes. Now not wanting the screws to pull through the plastic I searced around and found a suitable piece of stiff but bendable steel plate about 1/16" think. I cut it to fit (with dremel) then molded it to the contour of the trim piece drilled the holes in it, and placed the mount on the trim piece screwed the screws in from the back through the plate and trim piece into the mount...I used some black RTV on the screws so they would not work them selves loose...then I put the air vent module back in place and re-welded the plastic back securing the air vents back in I have a very solid mount that doesn't flex and won't break the plastic....

      ASHTRAY sitting on Desk


      ASHTRAY back in car

      below the ashtray in the cubby hole you can see the display of my PYLE PLMD9 RF Modulator I am using to send audio through the stock stereo...I did have to buy GM antenna adapter cables to connect it as GM uses a mini antenna plug...but it works...i used a headphone to dual RCA out jack plugged into the back of the PC to obtain the audio then ran 12ft stereo AV cable. I am not using the video part for now but as the xenarc has 2 video imputs I thought it best to run the cable now versus later...if I want to install a rear view camera etc...
      I just now got the parts to finish it...turns out the old PSU was not up to bumps and thumps of mobile environment and fried itself in a nice cloud of white new PSU etc and hopefully it will be back in the car today and functional...Yippie


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        if you are wondering I am using a USB to IDE convertor to operate the DVD-RW drive....the power for the drive will be obtained from the 110vac outlet up front via the green extension cord in the pic...if you click on my screen name on cluggp and bring up my profile it should have a link to a thread in there about the project....I will post more pics when its completely operational and I have the time...working 70-80hours a week doesn't leave a lot of time to tinker if ya know what I mean.


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          that's a pretty lame install for a GP..
          99 Grand Prix Grand Tigress
          Liliput 8in TS
          845GVD MITX w/ 2.4 Mobile P4M (478 MB)
          60GB 2.5" HDD
          MS MN-710 WifiG
          BT Deluo lite GPS
          IrDa PS/2 Keyboard
          Win XP SP2
          IGuidance 4.0
          Zots day skin
          Proscan 4.0
          (100% Complete!)


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            Originally posted by looneeii View Post
            that's a pretty lame install for a GP..
            That's pretty harsh. Seeing as how you've done a similar install, why don't you offer up some constructive criticism and pointers rather than just bashing his setup?
            "It's a blessing . . . and a curse."


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              Originally posted by looneeii View Post
              that's a pretty lame install for a GP..
              well lets see:

              YOU **ME**
              Liliput 8in TS (Mine is a 7" me there o_O )
              Intel Pentium M 2.0Ghz (478 MB) (2.66ghz processor & 512ram- 4gb max)
              40GB HDD (same/same me= 7500rpm drive)
              WIFI G (PCI wifi A/B/G with wardriving antenna)
              Wireless BT GPS (USB GPS antenna sirf III chipset)
              WIFI PS/2 Keyboard (usb mini keypad & PS2 cable for full size keyboard)
              <--???(DHP PowrTuner)-pcm scanner/editor/flashing utility)
              <--???(moto RAZR w/data plan for mobile internet w/o wifi)
              <--???(custom In dash DVD-RW drive)
              Win XP SP2 (Windows xp PRO SP2)
              RoadRunner (Digital Dash 5.0 - commercial front end)
              D3+MapMonkey (Iguidance 3.0 carpc version)
              <--???(Microsoft office 2003 pro)
              (100% Complete!) (same same)
              MOBILE PORN! <--- (showing off your education level??? )

              Oh did I mention I was going for as minimally invasive a setup as I could do...which is why the screen isnt fiberglassed into the it tacky if you want but it works fine where its at without being in the way. The most modification I had to do was hacking up the ashtray for the drive and I am not worried I am sure I can pick up another ashtray for cheap....obviously you wouldn't/dont have anything constructive/productive to add to this thread so off.


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                they make automatic SC'd grand prixs?


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                  Yup, the 1997-2003 grand prix GTP's were rated @240hp/280TQ, the 04-06 SC GP are rated @260hp/280TQ. The 04's had the GTP and the GTP-Competition Group...that one included 3.29:1 gearing (vs 2.93 stock) slightly better suspension, different ground effects, and my personal favorite "paddle shifters" on the steering wheel....the 05 and 06 grand prix GT's are the supercharged versions now...the GTP nameplate was transferred to the G6 line and the grand prix, bonneville, solstice, the GXP badging for the top of the line version....the Grand Prix GXP sports a V8 pushing gp is running somewhere around the 350-400hp best 1/4 is a [email protected] and best 1/8mi is [email protected] 0 to 60 is 4.4sec (when I can keep the tires from letting loose on me.) I am considered slow really though...the fastest one I know of is running a [email protected] for more info go to and check out the 1/4mile list and the "General" section....I will say its the first car I have ever owned where I havn't gotten tired of it.....ok I will stop rambling on at you, but thanks for asking about it.


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                    hmm... why are you running 13.2's w/ 350-400 est. WHP? that's pretty... not... great.... how heavy are those guys anyhow? my old manager had a 99 GTP and sold it and got an '04 with the paddle shift which he loves immensely... although i rag on him for not knowing how to drive standard


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                      you were correct to ask WHP? that is crank HP...if I was running that for WHP I would be well into the 12's if not high 11's....I have never had it dyno'ed and I am basing the hp on the average of people with similar mods and times have had when they got dynoed, converting that to crank of course...I won't claim a WHP number until I dyno my car. Oh and color me jealous of your Manager, paddle shift =